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Hi. My name is Mart . . . and I’m a grocery store shopaholic. As Jill will attest, I will find any and every excuse to go food shopping, be it a specialty store, a big box store, or one of the many niche market grocers opened in the last few years.  In fact, she says I’m…read more

Element Modern Mediterranean Grill

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One of the easiest choices Mart had to make this year was where to celebrate my birthday dinner . . . I made it easy on him, asking well ahead of my birthday to go to Element, the new steak-centric restaurant located on Main Street, in the previous location of the Ivory Lounge. Element opened…read more

Plaza Mexico Bar & Grill

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Tex Mex is one of those cuisines that attracts a lot of debate whenever your SarasotaFoodies offer our opinions of a restaurant’s flavor profile. Like barbeque, a person’s opinion on what makes a good Tex Mex restaurant pretty much depends on where they originally discovered Tex Mex, and how authentic that first experience was to the “Tex…read more