Fun Facts About Florida Craft Beer

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The folks over at LableValue have a unique reason to promote Florida’s local crafted beers . . . They make product labels for a great number of them! But more than that, they are big supporters of this growing industry that’s brewing (pun intended) a major economic impact on our state.  When they sent us the following infographic…read more

Jack Dusty Coastal Cuisine and Crafted Cocktails

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Who is Jack Dusty? We asked ourselves this back in January of 2013 when the new restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Sarasota opened.  And while we are no closer to garnering a complete picture of this particular legend, we are gaining a clearer perspective on his profound influence on Sarasota’s innovative craft cocktail and food scene.  And let me say…read more

The Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops

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Picture a warm Florida day or evening, strolling St Armands Circle.  Even with the gulf breeze drifting across your skin, the sun is warm on your shoulders and maybe you’re feeling the heat a little more than you’re used to.  On days like these, what could be more refreshing than an ice cold popsicle?  Imagine…read more

Thinking About Our Seniors

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I am active in The Junior League of Sarasota, where our fundraising focus for the past several years has been our Hunger Outreach Initiative.  The Hunger Outreach Committee’s main goal is to help to reduce hunger, raise awareness of hunger in Sarasota and give back in a unique way to the community.  The League has…read more

Cassariano Italian Eatery

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Mart is a big fan of quoting other foodies, so it’s not surprising to find a list of quotes he’s kept in a notepad by his computer. “There’s nothing more romantic than Italian food,” is one such quote, credited to Elisha Cuthbert. I’m guessing that’s what inspired Mart to book the night before Valentine’s Day…read more