A Casa Tua Authentic Italian Food

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Our careers as Realtors® and unabashed Foodies find us traveling the length and breadth of the Suncoast. In doing so, our heads are (at least figuratively) on a swivel and our ears are to the ground (not actually) when we are driving to and from appointments with clients. So it was that we found ourselves in NW…read more

Phillippi Farmhouse Market

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It was waaay too long since I had stopped in on the Phillippi Farmhouse Market, held on Wednesdays from Fall until June each year.  Knowing how much Jill LOVES those Peachey’s Baking Company Amish donuts, I decided to make a quick in-and-out to buy one, even though she is watching her weight and asked to…read more

Sarasota Chefs and Restaurants Earn Top Accolades

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One of the best things about being a Realtor in Sarasota is the town we represent. Seriously, how easy is it to brag about Sarasota? Every time you turn around Sarasota is winning a “Best of” award, be it #1 Beach in United States (Dr. Beach/Trip Advisor), Happiest Cities in America (Gallup-Healthways), Best Place to…read more

It’s Stone Crab Season! at Phillippi Creek Restaurant & Oyster Bar

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Birthdays. Thanksgiving. Christmas. These are some of the yearly milestones that are eagerly time-stamped into our lives. For Foodies in Florida, I would humbly submit that Stone Crab Season is deserving of such recognition. October 15th  marks the beginning of our annual celebration of arguably the sweetest, tenderest, most succulent treat the coastal waters have…read more

Curry Up King

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With the word ‘curry’ in the name of this German restaurant, I feel it’s necessary to say, right off the top, to forget any preconceived notion of the flavors of Indian curries, and that all-American staple, ketchup. Trust us . . . even though both of us have been to Berlin, until we had lunch…read more