Sahara Cafe & Mediterranean Food

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When you live in Sarasota and someone asks if you’ve been to Sahara, they aren’t talking about a desert in Africa.  What they’re asking is whether you’ve been the Sahara Cafe & Mediterranean Food, located in the Saba Plaza on Tamiami Trail, just north of Bahia Vista. Trust me when I say this . .…read more

Grove Restaurant, Patio & Ballroom

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It’s been 6 months since we first visited Grove Restaurant for their spectacular grand opening event.  Jill has been back with girlfriends a short time after that, but the two of us were overdue for date night, so when we were invited to stop by again for a complimentary tasting, we got our reservations and…read more

Bavaro’s Napoletana & Pastaria

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I thought I knew a lot about pizza.  I’ve had NY Style Pizza, Chicago Deep Dish, Chicago Thin Crust, Detroit Style, Sicilian, California Style, and even Greek Style Pizza.  And, over the years, I believed I’ve had Neapolitan Pizza, only to discover that I probably haven’t . . . at least not while dining in…read more

Luna Rossa Osteria Italiano

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One of the questions we often hear is “How many restaurants can Sarasota possibly support?” A: One look round will confirm that, with downtown booming and going vertical with new hotels, condos, and rentals, and the surrounding area sprouting new home construction and a steady stream of incoming transplants and tourists, well the short answer…read more

Bushido Izayaki Japanese Restaurant

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The intersection of Webber Street and Beneva has turned into a popular foodie destination that many people in the Southgate area have been hoping for.  With Mexican, Italian, Argentinian, Colombian, Peruvian, fresh seafood and even good ol’ American hot dogs and burgers, the only popular cuisine that seemed to be missing was Asian . .…read more

Taste of Asia

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A few years back, Mart and I were weekly guests on the Nilon Report, a Newstalk show on WSRQ Radio. It was a fun gig that lasted a couple years and ended when the station was sold and shifted to music vs Newstalk. During our weekly segment, we would bring in a local chef or…read more