The Toasted Mango Cafe

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Working downtown certainly has a huge upside for us foodies. Since we’re walking distance to just about every cuisine, style or price point eating establishment, it was high time we hoofed it for lunch to a place that I’d driven by dozens of times, all the while wondering how on earth anybody can get near…read more

The Breakfast House

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It’s Sunday morning, and we’re fresh off a magnificent day on the beaches of  Casey Key with friends old and new. Do I feel just a tad guilty that I didn’t get any work done around our new digs? Nah, let’s go get breakfast at the impossibly cute Breakfast House on Fruitville Road. This is…read more

Cafe Gabbiano

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Mart and I can’t tell you how many times we drove by Cafe Gabbiano, saying each time: “We have to try Gabbiano’s sometime soon”.  When we finally stopped talking about going and actually went there, we were so disappointed — in ourselves!  Why did we wait so long? Cafe Gabbiano is much larger inside than…read more

Audrey’s Jamaican Cuisine

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Lookin’ for Lunch in Unlikely Places . . . For those of you, like me, for whom real Jamaican beef patties are a comfort food, Audrey’s Jamaican Cuisine is a home run.  I love this place! Finding Audrey’s is the key here.  It’s tucked away off Ashton Road, just east of McIntosh Road, in the…read more