Brunch and Brushes at The Art Ovation Hotel

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Sharing the joy of discovery is always a great pleasure for us, especially when delicious food and drinks are involved.  There are so many fabulous breakfast, lunch, and dinner options on the Suncoast that going out to eat can resemble a wonderful treasure hunt. That being said, discovering a new brunch spot is even more…read more

Bravo Italian Mediterranean

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Let’s start this blog with a confession . . . My book club meets at Bravo Coastal Cuisine, so I eat there at least once a month.  So, when I heard the new owners, FoodFirst Global Restaurants were changing the concept and menu to Bravo Italian Mediterranean, I couldn’t understand why.  Hadn’t they heard that…read more

J.R.’s Old Packinghouse Cafe

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Where does the time go? J.R’s Old Packinghouse Cafe, affectionately known as the O.P.C to Sarasota locals, has long been considered Sarasota’s coolest “off the beaten track” spot to enjoy live music, a cold beer and an eclectic menu of Cuban and American comfort food.  So where was I the night J.R.’s Old Packing House…read more


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You don’t have to be a foodie to wonder why new restaurants open in one location versus another, or why they choose to open at the time of year they do. At one point, most of the new restaurants, almost all of them individually owned, served up their grand opening along Main Street or Palm…read more

Phillippi Creek Village Restaurant and Oyster Bar – Fall 2019

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Maybe it’s because they’ve around some 60 years now, but anyone visiting the venerable Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar would have to agree that pulling into their waterfront restaurant feels an awful lot like slipping into your favorite, most comfortable flip-flops. While you can count on the huge selection of old-Florida traditional favorites, there is always…read more

Bodegon Criollo Cuban Cuisine

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I’m starting this blog with the end of the meal in mind.  When I got home from dinner at Bodegon Criollo I experienced two distinct feelings:  First, I was totally satiated, happily full and couldn’t imagine eating another bite for the rest of the day.  And that’s after both Mart and I enjoyed two entrées,…read more