Cas Antica

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How does a SarasotaFoodie celebrate a birthday?  Eating out, of course! It was my birthday, (not saying which one) and Mart would not tell me where we were going for dinner.  I guessed a few of my favorites, but he wouldn’t divulge.  The only clue I had, as I got into the car, was it…read more

Yummy House Chinese

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It is a widely held belief, if not common knowledge, that while Sarasota is home to a wide assortment of excellent dining options and cuisines, there is not a bona fide Chinese restaurant among them.  So it’s been a long time wish of the SarasotaFoodies that we’d one day find a great Chinese restaurant, and like a dream come true, enters Yummy House.…read more

Patricks 1481

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One of the most beloved downtown establishments, known for their bigger than big burgers, friendly atmosphere and spacious bar, is Patricks.  Originally located on the corner of Main and Pineapple, Patricks made a historic move out of the Kress building to 1481 Main, a block or so across the street and just a few doors west of…read more

Drunken Poet Cafe

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What took us so long to get out and eat at the Drunken Poet? Countless friends have done nothing but rave about this place. Now we know why. On a recent evening, we arrived on the early side of dining prime-time, which suited us nicely.  We settled in and soaked in the urban chicness of…read more

Gecko’s Grill and Pub

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Let’s forget all about these highly charged elections and get back to what’s really important during the fall.  College football, the World Series and the all American sports bar! I bet you feel better already!  Whew! There are a number of really good sports bars in Sarasota, and depending upon your sport of choice, some…read more

Andrea’s – The Art of Food and Wine

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We’re often asked what our favorite restaurants are, and we tend to answer with a list of favorites by type of food served.  There are just so many great restaurants in Sarasota it doesn’t seem fair to pick one. But I’m throwing caution to the wind here, and admitting that Andrea’s, located on Siesta Drive across from…read more