Serving Spoon

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Isn’t it always a pleasure to go out to breakfast, whether you’re on vacation or not? Your SarasotaFoodies are fond of the relaxing pace enjoyed during the first meal of the day, especially here in sunny Sarasota.  And there are plenty of good, wholesome places to enjoy, one the local mainstays is The Serving Spoon in the Hillview…read more

Maison Blanche

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Ahhh! Dining out on Valentines Day, one of the busiest restaurant nights of the year.  You have to book your reservations weeks in advance, and depending upon how popular the restaurant is, sometimes service is off. . . Not for your SarasotaFoodies, who enjoyed a sumptuous dinner at the highly acclaimed Maison Blanche. After taking me…read more

Blue Rooster

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Wow!   The needle on the Sarasota “Cool-O-Meter” just moved up again with the recent opening of Blue Rooster.  And let me tell you, this joint has a southern, urban, upscale, bluesy flavor so very much all its own. We had stopped into Blue Rooster for a sample of their southern inspired cocktails just after they…read more

6th Annual Corks & Forks

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“I’ll take Sarasota-Manatee Originals for $92.50, Alex. . . and while I’m at it, I’ll take 80 winemakers as well.” Answer: “What is Forks & Corks?” Seriously, this 6th annual celebration leaves me reaching for adjectives deserving of a day of gastronomic brilliance, as well as a place to lie down for a nap afterwards. On one of Sarasota’s…read more

Gourmet Beer Dinner at Mattison’s 41

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Okay. . . I’ve learned something important in the last few years, and that’s if the Junior League of Sarasota hosts a food related event . . . GO! Their most recent event was their second annual Gourmet Beer Dinner, taking place this year in the party room of Mattison’s 41, and featured the brilliant food…read more

Blasé Café & Martini Bar

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There is nothing blasé about Siesta Key’s Blasé Café and Martini Bar.  According to Miriam Webster Dictionary, blasé refers to being apathetic to pleasure or excitement as a result of excessive indulgence or enjoyment.  In other words, “world weary”.  I doubt you’ll ever feel that way at this delightful Siesta haunt. Maybe a better word would be…read more