Sophie’s at Saks Fifth Avenue

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When my mom was young, she used to shop at her local Woolworths, using every excuse to meet up with friends at Woolworth’s Soda Fountain for a cherry soda and a BLT.  Those days are a thing of the past, but I’ve always liked the idea of an instore restaurant where shoppers could slip into…read more

A Sprig Of Thyme

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My dear friend, Cynthia, had a favorite restaurant in the Southside Village District of Sarasota.  It was small, French and not very busy, even though the food was quite delicious.  She confessed her concerns that the establishment wouldn’t last since it was never busy . . . which was exactly why she liked it so…read more

Athens Family Restaurant

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Located in the Colonnade Shopping Center on Bee Ridge Road is a relatively new Greek restaurant that I suspect will become one of my “go-to” spots for dinner on those nights I want tasty food, a calm atmosphere, and reasonable prices.  Normally I can get that at home, but then there’s the cooking to do,…read more

Seagrape Wine Co.

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Wow. In a scant few weeks, we say goodbye to another year and usher in a new decade in this century! But before that all happens, we’ve got plenty of holiday get-togethers, parties and socializing ahead with family and friends.  Whether we’re guests at parties or hosting ourselves, there’s one thing we can’t forget . . .  the…read more

Dim Sum King

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I couldn’t have been more excited to learn of a new restaurant in the UTC Mall area that serves Dim Sum as well as many other classic Chinese dishes.  The fact that it opened practically at my doorstep leaves me beyond excited! (Sticky Rice for the win!) How excited you may ask? I used to…read more

Portuguese Cuisine Comes Home to Amore

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I don’t know about you, but while I enjoy international travel when I’ve been out of the country for a length of time, I have found myself missing the tastes of home.  So imagine moving to the United States from Portugal and not having a single local restaurant celebrate the flavors you grew up with!…read more