Sarasota Food + Beer

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Sometimes an annoying delay in your plans can result in a really cool experience, in this case, an impromptu lunch with Jill at  Sarasota  Food + Beer on Fruitville Road.  This hot spot is the six-month-old sibling of the wildly successful Gulf Gate Food + Beer, which opened about 19 months ago and has been…read more

Viento Kitchen & Bar – Spring 2020

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Note to our Readers:  Viento Kitchen & Bar is the first restaurant we’ll be featuring on the upcoming series covering Restaurants With a View.  Please stay tuned over the new few weeks as we introduce a series of great dining destinations with waterfront or skyline views.  We’ve also added the category: Restaurants With a View…read more

Cipriano Cucina and Bar

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Conventional thought holds that one should resist visiting a new restaurant until they “work out the kinks.”  At least that’s what we tend to do, yet here I was on Day One of Cipriano Cucina and Bar opening . . . in fact, I arrived the first HOUR they were open.  Was I anxious to…read more

Umbrellas 1296

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Mart and I met up with our friend Susan for dinner and drinks at Umbrellas 1296 last week, and I’ve wanted to go back ever since.  I think I’ve told pretty much everyone I’ve seen since then how much I loved . . . loved . . . loved(!) the Brussels Sprouts (I used to…read more

Blue Moon Grill

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Mart and I just had lunch at Blue Moon Grill, located in the Saba Plaza on the corner of Bahia Vista and US41 . . . and I wonder if we hadn’t stumbled in upon Sarasota High School’s newest hangout for parents.  Seriously . . . If I had the choice of waiting in line…read more

Aprons Cooking School at Publix

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I love grocery shopping. (For real!) I also love cooking. And I’m particularly fond of eating regularly. Jill and I delight in new dining and foodie experiences, which may come as a “well, duh” revelation to many of you. So with that motivation, we booked our first-ever visit to the Aprons Cooking School at the…read more