Yo! Japanese Street Food and Sushi

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While there are an incredible number of restaurants in and around the University Town Center, Jill and I gravitate to a precious few. Yo! Sushi, located inside the center court of UTC is one of them. I won’t apologize for still getting such a kick out of eating at Yo!  It is still just too cool to…read more

Curry Station

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Anyone living near the intersection of Beneva and Clark Road in Sarasota is pretty darn lucky in my mind.  Lucky because they can enjoy Curry Station’s lunch buffet or a night out savoring any one of over 125 delicious options on their dinner menu.  Seriously . . . when I show property during my day job as a…read more

Madfish Grill

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If you only paid attention to the exit signs off I-75 into Sarasota, you’d think the only restaurants near the highway were the same old fast food joints and national chain restaurants that you can find pretty much anywhere.  (Yawn!)  But we’re here to tell you . . . not so fast my friend! In…read more

The Junior League’s Simply Sarasota® Cookbook – Your Foodies’ Favorite!

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Back in 2005/2006 a group of extremely talented and enthusiastic women at the Junior League of Sarasota got together to create a cookbook showcasing the creatively casual cuisine Sarasota is known for.  They culled their own recipe files and sought out some of the favorite recipes of Sarasota’s best-known restaurants, including Michaels on East, Mattison’s, First…read more