Baker & Wife

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“The world is not as big as you think.” – Isaac Correa, Chef/Owner at Baker and Wife. And with that statement, Jill and I settled in for a menu discussion at the restaurant that I personally have recommended more than any other over the last 3 years. (Has it really been 3 years since Baker &…read more

Italian Tradition

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Mart and I have always been fans of the retail space at 481 N Orange in downtown Sarasota, a couple blocks north of Fruitville Road. The building’s architecture is welcoming, with shops and restaurants on the first floor, and condos above them. Lucky for the residents in that complex, there are several dynamite restaurants just…read more

Jalisco Mexican Grill

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Welcome to south Sarasota, Jalisco Mexican Grill! Perhaps it’s just me, but I associate Mexican cuisine, in all its glorious forms and permutations, with a festive celebration.  I guess that may have to do with the fact that I met my wife on Cinco de Mayo “eve” and began our lifelong love affair with each…read more

Fun Facts About Florida Craft Beer

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The folks over at LableValue have a unique reason to promote Florida’s local crafted beers . . . They make product labels for a great number of them! But more than that, they are big supporters of this growing industry that’s brewing (pun intended) a major economic impact on our state.  When they sent us the following infographic…read more

Jack Dusty Coastal Cuisine and Crafted Cocktails

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Who is Jack Dusty? We asked ourselves this back in January of 2013 when the new restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Sarasota opened.  And while we are no closer to garnering a complete picture of this particular legend, we are gaining a clearer perspective on his profound influence on Sarasota’s innovative craft cocktail and food scene.  And let me say…read more