Antoine’s Restaurant

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“Happy wife, happy life,” Mart said, as we drove to Antoine’s Restaurant for our anniversary dinner.  He knew I’d been wanting to go back to Antoine’s for some time now . . . it held first place on my “why haven’t we been there lately” list. The first time I’d been to Antoine’s was some…read more

Off The Hook Seafood Co.

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There’s a not-so-secret neighborhood, with a plethora of great food known as Gulf Gate. We like to think of it as more “Epcot” when it comes to a dining destination.  With over 30 restaurants within a three block area, there are so many dining options in Gulf Gate to choose from.  Greek cuisine? Yep!  Asian?  Yep!  Italian? Yep!…read more

The Fall 2017 Menu at The Table Creekside

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You can pretty much count on us writing a blog on The Table Creekside at least twice a year.  Every spring and fall, The Table introduces a new menu, and you know we’ll be there, trying out the flavors of the season. This fall, the Table’s menu features some new appetizers on their Global Bites…read more

Max’s Table

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The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a diner this way:  diner (noun), Chiefly U.S. : a small, informal, and inexpensive restaurant that looks like a railroad car; a roadside diner. While this may fit Max’s Table in Osprey to a “tee,” it certainly doesn’t go nearly far enough. Max’s puts the dine in diner. Open for breakfast and lunch for…read more

Liquid Library at Oak & Stone

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It’s probably not synonymous with Realtors, but every so often our office offers a “Lunch & Learn” class, where a subject is taught while we enjoy a light lunch provided by the brokerage or one of our industry partners.  They’re always well attended because . . . you gotta eat, so why not fill your…read more

The Original Egg

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When Jill suggested on my recent (milestone) birthday that we grab breakfast at The Original Egg, (previously The Broken Egg,) I thought it was a marvelous idea, given that I can connect-the-dots to my living in Sarasota directly to this iconic restaurant.  Back in 1991 I moved from Toronto to Sarasota after purchasing the original…read more