Liquid Library at Oak & Stone

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It’s probably not synonymous with Realtors, but every so often our office offers a “Lunch & Learn” class, where a subject is taught while we enjoy a light lunch provided by the brokerage or one of our industry partners.  They’re always well attended because . . . you gotta eat, so why not fill your…read more

The Original Egg

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When Jill suggested on my recent (milestone) birthday that we grab breakfast at The Original Egg, (previously The Broken Egg,) I thought it was a marvelous idea, given that I can connect-the-dots to my living in Sarasota directly to this iconic restaurant.  Back in 1991 I moved from Toronto to Sarasota after purchasing the original…read more

Bottomless Mimosas at The Rusty Bucket!

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The Rusty Bucket is a casual American restaurant and tavern on Cattleman Road, just west of University Town Center Mall.  They pride themselves in being fresh . . . not in the “Oh, no you don’t, young man” way, but in the “This has got to be fresh-squeezed orange juice in my mimosa!” way. So…read more

Sustainable Seafood is Delicious Every Time!

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For three years, the single most popular “foodie” event in Sarasota was called Trash Fish Dinner.  Lots of us liked the name.  It was short, catchy, and easy to remember.  But some people couldn’t get past the moniker, as if we were suggesting they dine on fish that belong in the garbage.  So it came time to drop the name and…read more

Duval’s Fresh. Local. Seafood

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I confess that I have “a bit” of a crush on the Chef at Duval’s Fresh. Local. Seafood.  And I know his wife understands because I’m just one of a long list of adoring fans. Chef Nils Tarantik, in my humble opinion, is about the nicest and easily one of the most talented chefs in…read more

Cafe BarBosso

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Restaurants in this area come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Italian restaurants dig deeper with nuanced regional cuisine to establish themselves from their competitors. Then there’s Café BarBosso. “Eat, Laugh, Love or Else,” says the sign at the entry door. And then there’s this sign . . . Everything about Café Barbosso has a larger-than-life quality…read more