Oak & Stone – Sunday Brunch

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First off, is there a sweeter portmanteau word in the English language than brunch? I think not. The very notion of being able to relax over a leisurely meal on a beautiful Sunday is truly to be treasured. Often.

We were fortunate to be included on a recent “Very Important Brunchers” introduction to Oak & Stone’s newly launched Sunday fête.

But before the food, we were seduced, and I use the term in the very broadest sense, with Bottomless Bloody Marys or Mimosas. Does it get any better than that? Delicious as they were, the short answer is a resounding YES!

Anthony Liakakos (L) and Chef Mike Yoder

Genial General Manager Anthony Liakakos and Chef Mike Yoder rolled out an impressive lineup of heretofore unheard of fabulous “mash-up” dishes. But let me take a step back and explain that this was already genius Tableseide Restaurant Group concept features 56 craft beers on a self-pouring system with over the top pub grub, including some of the best pizzas anywhere. Adding a Sunday Brunch to Oak & Stone’s offerings take this place to a whole ‘nother level.

We started with a dish of Sausage & Gravy Knots. In lieu of biscuits, there were fresh baked buttered garlic knots, accompanied with crispy brown hashbrowns (with peppers and onions of course,) sunny side up eggs, and (truly!) the BEST pepper sausage gravy I have ever had the pleasure of eating.  One bite in and I quickly recommended that everyone at our table back away from the pepper grinder, as Chef Mike just nailed the sausage gravy!

Sausage and Gravy Knots – Exhibit “A”

Knowing that this was somewhat of a marathon, and not a sprint, Anthony advised us to “pace ourselves.”  Hah! I submit to you exhibit (picture) “A”, and exhibit “B.” Elapsed time: too embarrassingly quick to admit.  Jill commented that she could leave now, and write a glowing report on our blog . . . there was simply nothing she DIDN’T like/love about the sausage gravy!

Exhibit “B”

Next up was the why-did-I-never-think-of-this Benedict Pizza. I adore Eggs Benedict, and who doesn’t like pizza? This simple, yet perfectly executed dish should have you circling the calendar for next Sunday to savor this brilliant pie. To wit – garlic sauce, white cheddar, Taylor pork, crispy bacon, caramelized onion, sunny eggs, and a drizzle of house made hollandaise. Brunchingly brilliant is all I can say!

Benedict Pizza at Oak & Stone

I do have to take a moment and comment on the crunch and flavor of the pizza crust.  We’re fans of thinner crust pizza, mostly because we like to sample additional menu items and prefer not to fill up on crust.  But this crust was so delightful, I could just munch on it!  Another “Nailed it!” moment from Oak & Stone’s kitchen!

An intermezzo? Sure, why not!

And as if we needed it, Chef Mike sent out an “intermezzo” of chicken wings. Not just “some chicken wings,” these babies were brined in 24 herbs and spices (take that Colonel Sanders!) for 24 hours before being roasted in the wood-fired oven and then flash-fried for that delectable crispiness that adds even more complexity to this sports bar staple. Oh, while you’re at it, let’s sprinkle a little crumbled blue cheese and scallions on top, and serve it up with some ginger honey dipping sauce. Yowza!

Where was I? Oh, right. Brunch.

The Bloody Burger is an homage to the Bloody Mary

Next up was a delightful Bloody Burger — somewhat of an homage to the endless Bloody Maries you can order while enjoying Oak & Stone’s brunch.   Ours was served medium rare with a Golden Steak Sauce, made at Oak & Stone, consisting of golden raisins, Worchester sauce, salt, pepper and a few other ingredients to give it a bit of zing.  Dropping the top bun onto the easy-over egg, and slicing into it, drew all that eggy goodness into the burger.  While the flavor didn’t remind us of a Bloody Mary, the paring of the two is ideal!  (Especially if you’re going the endless Bloody Mary route.)  And an additional hint . . . Jill discovered that the ginger honey dipping sauce from the chicken wings were a delicious alternative to catsup for the French fries.   Just sayin!

Bourbon French Toast

Our final tasting was, at the insistence of our hosts, the signature Bourbon Barrel French Toast. This magical creation consisted of Kentucky bourbon barrel batter, (Let me grab my bracelet and I’ll have a pint of that, if it’s on the beer wall,) fresh brioche bread, pecan butter, and cinnamon maple syrup. Do I really need to expound on that? Crazy delicious.

All I know is that after we left that Sunday, the sky seemed a little bluer and the air was a little clearer and I wanted to take a nap and dream about brunch all over again!

Thank you, Oak & Stone. As mentioned before, you nailed this!









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