Keep Your New Year’s Resolution with White Picket Produce!

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Do you know the New Year’s Resolution that’s made most often? If you guessed “losing weight,” you’re probably right. And there are probably as many weight loss gimmicks as there are people trying to win the battle of the bulge!

This past year, there has been a tremendous focus on vegan and vegetarian diets, as well as the concept of “eating clean,” which focuses on only eating natural, organic foods that have zero chemical additives, zero hormones, zero anything that isn’t natural.  You can eat meat, but only unprocessed meat that’s been raised organically and has never been treated with antibiotics or hormones.  Just make sure you choose wild over pastured and pastured over grain-fed.  Fish should be wild caught, not farm raised.  And the same applies to dairy — you only want to consume hormone-free dairy and cheeses.  The goal of eating clean (or clean eating) is to detox your body from all those years of eating dextroWhatchaMaCallit, and red dye #30485!  Basically, if it comes in a box or a can, it’s probably not part of the clean eating principal.

Not being a dietician, practicing vegan or clean eating aficionado, I’ll make it easy on those of you who want to eat healthier in the New Year, and perhaps make a lifestyle change for the better.  It can start with a simple box of organic food, delivered right to your door.

Sharyn Vross, founder of White Picket Produce

White Picket Produce is a local food delivery service that will deliver boxes of healthy, organic, locally sourced fruits, vegetables, grass-fed beef, organic pasture raised chicken and their eggs, locally harvested honey, organic coffee and teas, fresh from the farmhouse kitchen baked goods, Paleo and Vegan Protein bites and snacks. . . the list goes on, and on, and ON! There’s even locally sourced tofu, fresh pasta, and marinara available on their website!  (I told you the list goes on and on!)

Simply choose your box (available by size,) make any substitutions to customize your box or order one of the standard produce boxes, and set your schedule for delivery! There’s even a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with every White Picket Produce box you order! Prices start at $29 for a small box designed for one person.

Don’t know what produce to buy?  It’s all seasonal at White Picket Produce.  Being that its winter, it’s all about Florida produce now so if your goal is to eat really healthy, locally grown foods from all the Organic farms in Florida … now is the best time! Collards, Kale, Lettuces, Squash, Spring Onions, Turnips, Radishes etc. will star in organic produce boxes this time of year. And, not only can you feel good about eating healthier, you’ll also be supporting many of our local farms that were hit hard by Hurrican Irma.

White Picket Produce delivers on Tuesdays and Wednesdays based on your zip code, all the way from Parrish/Ellenton down to North Port.

Those of you who believe in “A New Year . . . A New You” will want to check out their website for all the details, recipes, and list of products you can have delivered right to your door!  Let’s hear it for a GREAT, healthy 2018!

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