Downtown Farmer’s Market

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Every Saturday, for what now seems like forever, (actually 30 years) there’s must do/must see Farmer’s market at the epicenter of downtown Sarasota spanning Lemon Ave from First Street to State Street an a half block or so beyond that.  If you drive down Main Street you can’t miss it.

There’s something just so darned wholesome and all-American about buying your fresh veggies, flowers, herbs and teas while exploring the fabulous variety of other epicurean delights that makes this such a stellar weekly event.  Giochi’s Sushi Cafe’s stuffed bean cake pancake anyone?  Yum! Feel like a freshly made crepe for breakfast?  Roverta’s Crazy Crepes will probably be there.  Fresh brewed coffee or tea from the Java Dog double decker bus?  Count on it!

We’re big fans of Brown’s Groves, that has a humongous fresh food and veggie stand at the State Street end of the market.   There’s something to be said for the variety and quality of produce they showcase week after week, not to mention their stock of locally produced honey, salad dressings and freshly made strawberry/orange juice you can buy by the cup!

Other vendors offer fresh seafood, herbs, potted plants, spices and fresh cut flowers that rival anything you’d see at the florists.   There is a great Gluten-Free Catering & Bakery that we stop in every time we go, and we can’t help picking up a turducken sandwich from the Carl Ehmer’s Alpine Steakhouse booth now and again.

If you have dog, so much the better. Sarasota’s Downtown Farmer’s Market is also the best doggie “meet-market” in town.  We’ve taken our two Yorkies out to the Market, and they met so many new friends – in both the four legged and two legged variety.

Rain or shine, it’s a 7 a.m to noon foodie-festival that never gets old.  There’s music, family oriented entertainment, food tastings, you name it!  Over 70 vendors cover 5,000 square feet of booth space.  Enjoy!  We know you will!

Quick hint!  I just found this great link for The Sarasota Farmer’s Market on YouTube.  It features local web celebrities, The Three Kitcheneers, and is probably one of the best video clips I’ve ever seen covering the market!


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