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Hi. My name is Mart . . . and I’m a grocery store shopaholic.

As Jill will attest, I will find any and every excuse to go food shopping, be it a specialty store, a big box store, or one of the many niche market grocers opened in the last few years.  In fact, she says I’m the only person she’s ever met who doesn’t get upset when they forget something at the grocery store and have to go back.  I’m happy to check back in at the checkout . . . maybe I’ll find something else to purchase!

Yes, there was sampling!

My latest grocery store excursion/obsession was a visit to Earth Fare, an amazing new addition to our burgeoning grocery store scene.

Seasonal and local produce makes for a busy produce department!

“Live Longer With Earth Fare™” is a pretty heady slogan, but it rings true when talking about wholesome, healthy food choices.

Earth Fares’s food philosophy forbids (heavy word usage there!) hundreds of harmful chemicals and ingredients from making their way onto Earth Fare’s shelves which is among the strictest policies in America.  Their campaign makes the case that better food choices lead to a longer and healthier life and challenges other supermarkets to come clean.  Earth Fare’s philosophy is further enforced by the company’s pioneering Boot List, which bans hundred of hard to pronounce harmful chemicals and ingredient from the items it carries.  (Check out their website for more on this!)

More than 2,800 Earth Fare Team Members comprise the company’s enforcement agency, constantly monitoring and filtering ingredients to ensure customers find only the cleanest foods at Earth Fare.

“We believe, and science supports us, that the better you eat the healthier, happier and longer life you can live.  Today we are dedicating ourselves to shouting louder as advocates for healthy food and the power it has on our health and our lives,” said company President and CEO Frank Scorpiniti.

Look for the Earth Fare logo on any packaged food

Earth Fare also offers more than a thousand Private Label products, which means you don’t have to search the ingredient list to know your packaged food product uses only non-GMO ingredients.  Even the physical store itself is cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals and the water used to mist the produce is filtered through reverse osmosis.

Another aspect that I liked at Earth Fare was the Seafood Guide available at the meat counter.  This guide includes a chart showing that the source of their fish is 100% traceable and sustainably sourced . . . and you know how we feel about sustainable seafood!

The only bad thing about the new Earth Fare is it isn’t located by my house.

Fortunately for folks in Manatee County, you’ll find the newest Earth Fare located in Lakewood Ranch, at the intersection of State Road 70 and Lakewood Ranch Boulevard.  But even if you don’t live nearby, I promise you Earth Fare is worth a shopping expedition (again and again I might add,) but only if you like to eat . . . really well .  . . and live better as a result.

I submit exhibits A, B, C, D, and however many photos are on this post, to illustrate the singularly pure mission statement of this most welcoming, and cool, grocery shopping “experience” to our beautiful Gulf coast community.  It’s even more awesome to see some of our local food producer’s products on Earth Fare’s shelves.  That really speaks to their quality as well!

Gotta love our local Buddy Brew Coffee!

Earth Fare’s newest location also includes an Heirloom Organic Cafe and Juice Bar, featuring certified organic coffee, smoothies, and juices. There is also a salad bar, hot foods bar, pizza station, sandwich counter and a conveniently packaged meals-on-the-go for those guests who may choose to drop by at mealtime.  And for those last minute meals with the family, Earth Fare’s deli offers whole roasted chickens every day with their Healthy Rewards card.

In support of Earth Fare’s goal to make healthy food accessible to everyone, we are giving away a $25 Earth Fare gift card so you can experience their high-quality food shopping experience for yourself.  To win, just Like and Share this blog on our Facebook Page, and we’ll pick one lucky duck to win a $25 Earth Fare gift card.  The winner will be chosen at random on Feb. 28th.

And one more reason to visit Earth Fare . . .

Expect the smell of fresh baked bread!

You’re welcome.


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    What a fun post, Mart. I haven’t visited yet, but hope to get there soon 🙂

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