Yo! Japanese Street Food and Sushi

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While there are an incredible number of restaurants in and around the University Town Center, Jill and I gravitate to a precious few. Yo! Sushi, located inside the center court of UTC is one of them.

I won’t apologize for still getting such a kick out of eating at Yo!  It is still just too cool to walk into Yo!, sit down and pretty much immediately start eating as plate after plate breezes past your table on a conveyor belt sending freshly made small plates past every seat in the restaurant.

Yo! Roll

Honestly -there’s little to no waiting time!  Hungry, cranky kids?  Crabby spouse or dinner date?  Drop in at Yo!, get them eating delicious Japanese street food or sushi and you’ll be back shopping at UTC in no time!

Yo! Miso Chicken Bun and Kimchi Salmon Bun

On our most recent visit, we discovered some seasonal specials going on.  Typically taking place only on Monday’s,  Yo!’s Blue Plate Special has always been immensely popular.  At Yo! the color on the edge of each plate on the conveyor belt indicates how much each dish costs.  During the Yo Festival!, running through January 27th, over 40 menu items, some normally priced as much as $7.50 each, are priced at the blue plate price of $3.50 each!   That’s right . . . instead of just on Mondays, the Yo! Festival extends the Blue Plate Special every day of the week!  If you like to try new things, the Yo! Festival should not be missed!

Yo Pot Stickers and Noodles (note colors on plates!)

If you read our last blog on Yo!, you’ll remember that we’re big fans of Yo!’s Japanese Street Food. (We were seriously tempted to drink from one of their seafood bowls, the sauce is so delicious!) So we were happy to learn that Yo! introduced a larger version, called the Sumo Bowl, of 6 different entrees on their menu.

Sumo Bowl next to original sized bowl

These full-sized Sumo Bowls are only available for a limited time (call it winter, if you must . . . even though it’s 80 degrees outside) and feature more protein per dish without a lot of added ka-ching.   The word generous comes to mind when comparing the Sumo Bowl to the original size bowl.

Spicy Seafood Udon Sumo Bowl

Sumo Bowls are large enough for a full meal, or for sharing, and prices start at only $7.50.  Isn’t that a healthier alternative to super sizing?  One note: The Sumo Bowl is an a la carte item.  You’ll need to order one from the menu, as they are too big to fit on the conveyor belt!

Beef Teriyaki Sumo Bowl

Tofu Katsu Curry Sumo Bowl

I think it best to not over-pontificate on how yummy everything is at Yo!, mainly because the pictures should be more than enough reason to put Yo! on your list of restaurants worthy of a visit.

Yo Dynamite Roll

And when you go, ask about Yo!’s Love Club, where you can save 30% off your meal by signing up for their mailing list.  Like everything else, this is a limited time offer, so go . . . get to Yo!

Dessert is special at Yo!

Enjoy the Festival, indulge in a Sumo Bowl and share the Love!


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