Wagyu & Wine at Capital Grille

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Spoiler Alert!

Prepare to be spoiled at Capital Grille during their Wagyu and Wine Event.

Waygu beef, as many of you know already, is the most tender beef on the planet.  It’s the crème-de-la-crème of beef, the Super Bowl Champions, the Grand Slam, and the Oscar winner, all rolled into one. So most of us expect to pay a premium for Waygu, just like when ordering a glass of a special vintage wine.

Well how about this . . . Capital Grille has taken their two most popular Wagyu burgers, paring them with two exceptional red wines typically only sold by the bottle, and from now until November 22nd (2015) you, yes YOU,  can enjoy a gorgeous, cooked-to-order 8 oz Wagyu burger with truffle fries and a generous pour of these acclaimed wines —  for a paltry 25 bucks! (The amazing wines alone would be priced at $25 per glass, so it’s kind of like getting a free burger, no?)

There are two burger choices on the special Waygu and Wine menu, and fortunately Mart wanted to order the Wagyu Cheeseburger with Fried Egg, while I was immediately drawn to the Gorgonzola and Black Truffle Wagyu Burger. Seeing that we like to share, we were able to try both amazing burgers and their respective wines.

“When selecting a wine to pair with our Gorgonzola and Black Truffle Wagyu Burger, we factored in the need for powerful tannins to offset the richness of the meat, which is how we came to choose the 2012 Justin Isoscles Cabernet Sauvignon,” Capital Grille’s Master Sommelier George Miliotes explained. “As for our Wagyu Cheeseburger with Fried Egg, it made perfect sense to match the texture of the egg yolk to the silk smooth 2013 Landmark Overlook Pinot Noir.”

Texture?  Richness?  We felt both burgers, and their matching wines, more than exceeded any preconceived notions of what a $25 burger pairing would suggest, let alone a pairing decided by a Master Sommelier!  First off, there’s the venue of Capital Grille’s posh bar, where the Waygu and Wine pairing is served. The atmosphere and service were both polished and professional, with silverware being delivered on a tray, vs held by the server, and drink and dishware whisked away as soon as we no longer needed them.

Our smiling server, Jillian, was on it as we started with a couple of Capital Grille’s Signature Martinis, the Stoli Doli.  After a crazy week of real estate, charity fundraisers and radio shows, the fresh pineapple infused Stolichnaya Vodka was not to be missed.

Complimentary bread that's not to be missed

Complimentary bread that’s not to be missed

And neither was the complimentary bread basket, which we initially said we didn’t want.  One glimpse of the Lavash bread, we had to have a taste . . . or two.  Now we don’t normally ask for bread, especially when planning to have a burger, but when the basket consists of French rolls, onion bread, pumpernickel with white raisins and Lavash . . . well, yes please.

Wagyu Cheeseburger with Fried Egg,

Wagyu Cheeseburger with Fried Egg

Mart’s Wagyu Cheeseburger with Fried Egg was topped with crisp onion rings and loaded with juicy flavor.  Seriously, the Wagyu beef needed nothing to improve on it.  Instead, it took the crisp lettuce, succulent tomato, crispy onions and burst-in-your-mouth fried egg to new heights that Mart had never enjoyed in a burger before.

“Wow!” he said,  bringing his napkin up to wipe his chin.  “That first bite bursts the egg yolk, and sends all that creaminess into the burger.  So juicy!”  And the Landmark Overlook Pinot Noir provided the exact balance to compliment such a decadent burger.

Gorgonzola and Black Truffle Wagyu Burger

Gorgonzola and Black Truffle Wagyu Burger

My Gorgonzola and Black Truffle Wagyu Burger was an amazing 8 ounces of deliciousness that I just knew I wouldn’t be able to finish.  Imagine my surprise when I was tasting that last truffle flavorful bite, to see that Mart still had half of his burger to finish.  I don’t usually go nuts over a burger, but when it deserves my undivided attention . . . well, there you go.  One thing I really appreciated was the balance of bun to beef.  The brioche bun was delicious, but it was really there more to hold the burger together, than to steal the show.

Both burgers came with a side of the Capital Grille’s truffle fries, just slightly flavored with white truffle oil, making me think even those odd people who don’t like truffle, would be big fans.  Even the fries were complimented by my glass of  Justin Isosceles Cabernet Sauvignon!

As I sipped my Cab, Mart suggested a little chocolate dessert may be in order . . . “You know, just to finish off our wine. . .”

Warm Double Chocolate Cake

Warm Double Chocolate Cake

And here’s where we get really silly, in a totally chocolate and wine infused kind of way.

The Warm Double Chocolate Cake at Capital Grille comes with a serving of port wine infused cherries and ice cream.  That’s right. . . wine. Infused. Cherries.  And chocolate.  And ice cream!  Are we in heaven?  You bet!

So here’s our suggestion. . . If you want to wine and dine like a diva, surrounded by the atmosphere and 5 star service of Capital Grille, you need to head over before the Wagyu and Wine event is over on November 22nd.  Prepare to be spoiled!



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