The Toasted Mango Cafe

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Working downtown certainly has a huge upside for us foodies. Since we’re walking distance to just about every cuisine, style or price point eating establishment, it was high time we hoofed it for lunch to a place that I’d driven by dozens of times, all the while wondering how on earth anybody can get near the place, what with cars parked every-which-where in the smallish parking lot and all along the adjacent streets.

Good call on walking there, as it was no less busy than any other time I’d considered stopping in.   But upon entering the place, we were immediately greeted by the effusively friendly hostess/server/cashier, and had to wait just a few short minutes to be seated.

As we settled in and began to take in the menu, we quickly appreciated the vibe and energy of The Toasted Mango Cafe.  There appeared to be a customer mix of young and old, business-attired, and casual – you name it.  Clearly, this place has it figured out. The staff were all casually attired in Toasted Mango t-shirts and you could easily see that the staff at The Toasted Mango has its “oars in the water”, as everyone was working together. At that moment, I had a brief flashback to The Broken Egg, circa 1993.

We started out with some delicious freshly brewed iced tea, and decided to check out the gazpacho, with diced mango on top (naturally). Fabulous.

I had the “Debbie” sandwich, a thick marble rye grilled affair with roasted turkey, melted Swiss cheese, coleslaw and 1000 island dressing, with a side of three bean salad  with – you guessed it – mango.

Jill went with the Roasted Turkey Mango Wrap.  I’m starting sense a theme here, but in my book, fresh mangoes never get old.

The entire time we were there, there was never an empty seat. As soon as one table finished and left, as if on cue, someone else would come in and be seated immediately.

If you’re ever in the area, don’t pass this up. Viva, Toasted Mango!

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  1. Today I took my new neighbor and friend Tony for breakfast. As I had enjoyed ‘the Mango’ before I knew what to expect. He didn’t.

    How delightful to be greeted at the door by staff and easily finding a nice booth. The menu arrived with the coffee. Orders taken and the delicious food arrived with pleasantness.

    The Mangos’ energy and good food enhanced our conversation and development of our budding friendship

    A quick thank you to the staff and Sue (a co-owner) upon leaving with our big smiles, happy tummies and our conversation enjoyed.

    Thank you for your CREATION of ‘the Mango.’

    Francis Scheuer
    Ambassador WSLR.ORG (Sarasota’s local radio station)

    • jberg says:

      Thanks Francis,
      It’s always good to hear when one of SarasotaFoodies’ readers agree with our choices of the better places to dine in Sarasota. Toasted Mango is an easy place to recommend. We’re glad you and your friend Tony had a great breakfast. We like the Toasted Mango for lunch as well!

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