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“It’s really simple.” “We only have to find a need and fill it.”

Henry Kaiser.

I’m quite sure that we’ve all heard someone ask “How in the world can Sarasota support all these new restaurants?”  Well, the people have spoken, and the recently opened The Parrot Patio Bar & Grill has clearly filled a need that folks in the neighborhood have obviously longed for.

When my L.A. dwelling uber-cool son, Tyler, was in town helping his mom for a few days, it was an easy decision to take him to lunch at the Parrot.  Since Tyler was helping her pack for a move, I figured why not take him to a nearby restaurant that’s been packed since moving into the area a little over a month ago.

Inside Bar of the Lazy Parrot

Situated in the always busy, eclectic business intersection of Beneva and Webber, (home of a number of great hole-in-the-wall dining destinations like Guerreros, Solorzono’s, Mi Sitio and Webber’s Hot Dogs,) the restaurant owners had the vision, and foresight to convert a vacant bank building into a lively, hip, casual place with what I would describe as having “elevated pub-grub”.   They turned the bank’s drive-thru into an outdoor patio where live music can be enjoyed every weekend, with the lineup posted on their website: 

And being nice folks, the music stops at 9:00, out of respect for the various neighborhoods only a short walk away.

Outside Dining and Bar at The Parrot Patio Bar & Grill

The Parrot is a friendly, sports bar/music joint that’s just plain ol’ cool.  There are 32 4K televisions, and a jumbo screen, playing all the MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL games, as well as golf, soccer and tennis tournaments.  With an indoor bar and an outdoor bar and patio, you’re sure to find someone or something you like at the Lazy Parrot.

Case in point – Where else in SRQ can you get an honest-to-goodness Beef on Weck?

Beef on Weck

Growing up in Toronto, Beef on Weck was one of those specialty eats made popular by our friendly neighbors in Buffalo, N.Y.  I can’t count the number of times we gladly drove down to Buffalo for a big juicy bite of this sandwich.  So finding a good one locally is a treat for me! (Anyone else serving Beef on Weck in Sarasota – let me know!)

In Buffalo, Beef on Weck is often paired with Genesee Cream Ale, but not seeing it at the Parrot, I chose the Kona Longboard Island Lager on tap. Great choice, if I do say so myself.  I didn’t miss the Genesee in the least.

Beef on Weck features thinly sliced, succulent, tender beef piled high on a toasted Kimmelweck roll topped with caraway seeds and coarse salt.  If it’s NOT on a Kimmelweck roll, it’s NOT Beef on Weck.  Trust me, there is NO substitute!  I dove in, (and apparently lost my senses,) when I took a big hit of the horseradish full-on!   I blame myself since I’m the one who slathered it on!

Once my eyeballs stopped spinning, (and I mean that in a good way!) I could appreciate the wonderful-ness of this regional classic, served with warm au jus and hot, crispy fries. (Q: What’s better than hot, deep-fried potatoes and cold beer at a pub? A: not much.)

Fish N’ Chips Basket

Tyler picked the Fish ‘N ‘ Chips, a beer battered Haddock fried to a crispy crunch with a side of fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce.  While I didn’t have the reach, the gumption, or the capacity to interrupt his feast by trying a bite or two myself, Tyler pronounced it as “excellent.” ‘Nuff said. (I’ll be back for this soon enough.  I could hear the crunch of the battered fish when he first bit into it, and that’s what I’m looking for when craving Fish ‘N’ Chips. Yum!)

Spinach & Quinoa Salad

If you’re looking for elevated pub grub, you’ll find it at the Parrot.  Jill had been to there previously, coming home to tell me all about her delicious Whisky Burger.  But this time her choice had everything to do with it being a weekday lunch hour and her not wanting to go into a food coma with a big, juicy burger.  Focusing on the light and healthy side, she ordered the Spinach and Quinoa Salad with fresh spinach, quinoa, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, feta cheese, and dressed with a raspberry vinaigrette.  She added the optional grilled chicken to add protein and was wowed by this satisfying lunch.  This salad could be served at any restaurant in town and she’d order it . . . hence my reference to the menu being better than what you’ll see at most sports bars.

I had wondered if the traffic at the intersection would disrupt the atmosphere, but it truly didn’t.  We could enjoy the background music or tune into one of the televised games, without a thought of what was happening out there in the real world.

Hey Parrot Patio Bar & Grill! Thanks for filling a need we didn’t know we had!  There’s nothing lazy about this Parrot!


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