Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse

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When the urge to indulge in some good ol’ southern bar-b-que hits, there’s never a “Plan B.” So when we recently had an itch for some BBQ, you can’t imagine how thrilled we were to learn that Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse was opening that very night!  Perfect!  We’d found a salve to sooth the BBQ itch.

But first, a little back story about Stottlemyer’s. . .

Any long term resident of Sarasota will tell you this – for over 20 years the area’s best fried chicken came from the deli counter at Steve and Terry Stottlemyer’s Texaco station on Fruitville Road, about a mile east of I-75.  A gas station!  Take that, KFC!

Move forward 20 years of continued success, Steve and Terry decided to remedy the serious lack of places to eat once you cross the “great divide” of I-75, with Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse.  And, seeing that they had the room and the resources to foray into a full-fledged restaurant operation, you had to know where there’s smoke, there’s fire. . . in the form of a red hot barbeque joint!

Outdoor dining at Stottlemyer's SmokeHouse

Outdoor dining at Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse

Maybe massive is a better word, since Steve built the most impressive Tiki hut I’ve ever seen. And believe me, “hut” is a misnomer in this case!  Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse seats up to 150 people under its soaring Polynesian-style cover, with the additional space available for up to 350 people!

The smokehouse is smoking!

The smokehouse is smoking!

We get out of the car, and sure enough, the smell of smoked meats now pulls us in like a tractor beam to a dining area to the rear side of the Texaco station, and believe you me . . . the place is buzzing. This is Day 1, and the place if almost filled to capacity in the shade. How can you not be excited?

Stottlemyers bar (1024x758)

With no room at the full service bar, Jill and I are seated at one of the last empty tables, settling in to take it all in. Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse oozes of everything cool about living in the subtropics. There are friendly servers, smiling and laughing patrons, and I’m pretty sure some full bellies everywhere you look.

The menu is uncomplicated, exactly as it should be, but that doesn’t make our choices any easier.

Smoked chicken wings

Smoked chicken wings

With cold drinks in place, I choose the smoked chicken wings to kick things off. Now, I fancy myself something of a wing aficionado, so trust me when I say that Buffalo has little to do with these smoky, moist, meaty, maybe-I-should-pretend-I’m-in-an-all-you-can-eat-contest and not share with Jill; but there’s more serious work tasty ‘que that we need to get to.

King of the Smoker - Beef Brisket

King of the Smoker – Beef Brisket

Looking at the menu,  how could we not order the Beef Brisket – King of the Smoker? This baby is listed as “slow smoked for 14 hours, wrapped, finished and hand carved to order”. Add in two sides, for which I choose Mac and Cheese, and Sweet Collard Greens with Bacon (’cause I’m trying to eat healthier dontcha know), and things just got real. . . real fast.

Now I really liked that the brisket was the king of the plate.  The sides were tasty, served in tidy 2 oz. ramekins, which I felt they were just the right proportion to the meat.  Just a little of the house bbq sauce, and I was a happy man.

Jill was torn between smoked ribs or an order of Stottlemyer’s famous fried chicken, so . . . being the husband of her dreams, I suggested she order one of each, and I’d “help” finish whatever she couldn’t eat.  I’m just nice like that.

Stottlemyer's smoked baby back ribs

Stottlemyer’s smoked baby back ribs

The ribs hit the table first.  Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse serve both  smoked beef ribs, and baby-back pork ribs.  Both are dry rubbed and slow cooked in the smoker.  Jill ordered up a half-rack of the prime-cut baby backs with two sides – a creamy fresh coleslaw and some crispy onion rings.

The dry rub was so tasty you didn’t need any sauce to enjoy the ribs, but Jill added a swirl – just to shine up the photo.  No complaint over the ribs!  They had a nice ratio of meat to the bone, and trimmed of any unnecessary fat.  Yum!

Stottlemyer's Famous Fried Chicken

Stottlemyer’s Famous Fried Chicken

So while we were pigging out on everything else, we couldn’t “chicken out” on the fried original specialty of the house. And who could say anything but good things about Stottlemeyer’s Famous Fried Chicken!  Seriously, in this case the chicken truly came before the ribs!  One of the best things about their fried chicken is the ultimate crunch of the coating, the moist and delicious meat, and none of the greasy oil dripping down your arms.  How do they do it?  I’m sure it’s a Stottlemyer secret.

I’m pretty confident the secret that is Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse, won’t be a secret anymore.  Once tourist season returns to Sarasota, I suspect we’ll see a continual line of guests from Sun ‘n Fun (and every smoked meat loving local) making this new BBQ joint their favorite local restaurant.

Way to go Steve and Terry.  Way to go!









11 Responses

  1. David Wasser says:

    This is one of the greatest places to have lunch or dinner at. The food in incredible. The BBQ is fantastic and has so much flavor. The side dishes (Beans) are like none other. The Fried Chicken is the best I have ever had! It is worth going 1 mile East of I 75 off Fruitville Road in Sarasota. This is a hidden treasure. You will not be disappointed. Ask for Steve & Terry, they are so accommodating!!!

  2. Duncan, Niseiee says:

    Good Food, Great People or is it Great Food, Good People. V

  3. Bill B says:

    Is there such a thing as too much smoke? I have to say that I believe some of the items I tried at Stottlemyers borderlined on this. The smoked wings especially. I don’t think I would be able to eat more than about two of those wings at a time. Next time I go, I will be eating the fried chicken…

  4. Diana ol.comG. Allmond says:

    I absolutely can not wait to get to Sarasota and try some of this delicious food! xoxoxo

    Love the family with all my <3 and so happy to call them my friends.

    Congratulations and Best Wishes for your new Restaurant!


  5. Diana Allmond says:

    Great Review!

  6. Cady Ferguson says:

    Go. Now. Pig out. Be happy.

  7. Jerri Carlisle says:

    Please post menu an daily hours.

    • jberg says:


      As soon as Stottlemyer’s hosts their own web page, we’ll get the menu posted on line. Thanks for the reminder. They are open for lunch and dinner, but we don’t have the hours yet.

  8. Elaine North says:

    Have known about stottlemeyer’s for many years, I’ve always bought the gas station food which is very good, went to stottlemeyer’s Outback last night Fri with family and friends we all had a blast! There was a live band really enjoyed everything the food of course was delicious! Thank you so much stottlemeyer’s’ and staff 🙂

  9. Frank msgnapera says:

    The best bbq I’ve ever had….Try to get there as often as possible. usually on my return to Fla from NJ.Ive never been disappointed! Hope your feeling better Big Ricky…Dining there is not the same w/o you buddy!

  10. Bobby says:

    Sounds like my kind of place! I’m new to town from DC and love home cooking.. can’t wait to visit! Thanks for recommendation

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