Audrey’s Jamaican Cuisine

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Lookin’ for Lunch in Unlikely Places . . .

For those of you, like me, for whom real Jamaican beef patties are a comfort food, Audrey’s Jamaican Cuisine is a home run.  I love this place!

Finding Audrey’s is the key here.  It’s tucked away off Ashton Road, just east of McIntosh Road, in the back of the Ashton Business Center – 4463-D Ashton Road to be exact.

Audrey's Jamacain Cuisine (4) (Large)

We stopped for lunch a few days back (my third visit there), and ate in this time.  There are 6 seats (that’s it), clean as a whistle and hosted by one of the most endearing restaurant owners we’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Audrey is always ready with a smile

Audrey will be the lady with the endless smile behind the counter, where you’ll order a fabulously prepared dish of curried chicken or goat, a brown fish stew or chicken, or one of a handful of other main dishes, usually served alongside a cabbage/carrot slaw with beans and rice and a bite or two of yummy plantain.  Be sure to have a Jamaican ginger beer with that, which should complete your lunchtime interlude to the island.  As for us. . . we wanted to revel in the cuisine longer, so we grabbed a couple Jamaican patties (1 beef and 1 chicken) and some of Audrey’s award winning rum cake for later.  We were both happy later for thinking to bring food home!

Audrey's Chicken Curry

Audrey’s Chicken Curry

It’s places like Audrey’s Jamaican Cuisine, where small business owners can live their dreams, that make me fall in love with Sarasota over and over. . .

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