Yume Sushi Restaurant

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For Jill and I, there’s never not a good time to have a sushi-fest.  In fact, we would probably have it for breakfast if we could!  So on a recent visit where we enjoyed a marvellous lunch at Yume Sushi on Main Street, we knew we had to make a return visit for dinner and bring guests.

Yumi Sushi 005 (Medium)

Both times we marvelled at how crazy busy this place is!   Although the dining room was quiet when we first arrived for lunch, it quickly filled up.  Guess Yume Sushi must not have gotten the memo that “Season” was over.

Then again, this cozy dining room with high-tech monitors showcasing hi-def images of their gorgeous menu offerings has some of the freshest tasting sushi around.  So fresh . . . I wonder if the fish in the in-wall aquariums get a little nervous now and then?

Yumi Sushi 003 (Medium)

Naturally, when we slipped out of the office for lunch, we managed to keep the orders to a sensible size. Japanese cuisine happens to be one of the things that both of us can easily over-indulge in.  I guess that’s because, on the one hand sushi and sashimi are provided in bite-sized portions.  On the other, it’s easy to lose track of how many of those bites ended up in my mouth!

So for lunch, I thought we should share one of Yume Sushi’s popular starters, the Dynamite Mussels.  I thought I’d enjoyed mussels every which way from Sunday, but I learned I was wrong!  Yume’s mussels are the New Zealand green-striped variety, removed from the shell, bathed in a rich sauce of Japanese mayo, a spicy chili-garlic sauce, some panko crumbs and radish, and then dropped back in the shell, broiled to a golden, bubbling brown.  The contrast of the crispy crunch of the radish and the sublime briny flavor of the mussels . . . need I say more?

Yumi Dynamite Mussels (Medium)

From there I swayed from my usual order of a specialty sushi roll (or two,) and ordered the Yume Salad.  After reading the menu I couldn’t wait to taste the combination of sashimi, cucumber, oranges, fish roe and radish.  I was not disappointed!  This dish appealed as much to my eyes as it did to my taste buds.  And, I’ve got to think my caloric intake was safely protected by this wonderfully fresh, enjoyable dish.

Yume Salad (2) (Medium)

Can it get any better?

When I saw the Quail Egg on the sushi menu, I ordered one of those as well.  I almost panicked when I saw it delivered on Jill’s plate, right next to her Unagi Hand Roll (that’s eel wrapped in rice and seaweed for those who have yet to enjoy unagi) and their popular Rock & Roll sushi roll.  Fortunately she was so wrapped up in her hand roll, she didn’t notice when I swept in, all stealth, with my chop sticks, grabbing that Quail Egg wrapped in sea weed, and joyfully swallowing it down.

Unagi Hand Roll, Rock & Roll Roll, & Quail Egg Sushi (3) (Medium)

Noticing the sly smile on my face, Jill had to ask; “Why do you look like the cat who ate the canary?”

Well . . . It was a bird egg, but who’s asking?

During our lunch we saw that Yume Sushi offered a sushi/sashimi boat for three, and it was then that it occurred to us that it would make for a great outing with my son Tyler.  Fortunately, that outing included his long-time friend, Caleb.  The more the merrier, right?  So how do you make a meal designed for three people work for four, especially four hungry sushi/sashimi fans?  Simple!  We ordered one extra side salad, and 3 extra unagi rolls (there was only one on the sushi boat, and Jill wanted all of us to have one) and that was all it took.

Yume Sushi (6) (Medium)

To say  this was a nice sized meal is an understatement.  At the end there were still a few pieces of sushi left and we all looked at each other and said, “you can have that one” but the feeding frenzy had run its course.  Not that we didn’t polish off the sushi boat to the point it hardly needed washing . .  . we just stopped almost stabbing each other with our chop sticks rushing for our favorite bites.

It’s fun to see your guests enjoy a meal with such gusto, and I even learned a thing or two from Caleb.  When he eats sashimi, he likes to slow down and let the flavor fill his mouth – chewing ever so slowly and methodically.  And the look on his face?  Pure bliss!

Yume Sushi Restaurant has been around some time now, and I know they will be here – happily serving deliciously fresh sushi – for a long time to come.

Yume, Yume, Yume, I’ve got love in my Tummy (Tume?)*

*With profound apologies to bubble gum pop band 1910 Fruitgum Company.


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  1. Jim Everett says:

    LOVE their lobster roll. Went there when we first started dating how many years ago. Yume is still our favorite sushi stop. We always eat at the same spot at the bar. Our version of comfort food.

    • msolu says:

      Hi Jim. The place is definitely a standout! Jill and I are sooo lucky to be working downtown, where we can stroll to places like this on a regular basis. Thanks for checking out our blog!

  2. Jim Everett says:

    And yes, thanks for reminding us of the fabulous mussels. Paul gave us a free sampler of them last week and they are divine.

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