Tsunami Sushi and Hibachi Grill

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Another day, and another delicious lunch excursion within walking distance of our Coldwell Banker office in beautiful downtown Sarasota. Can’t wait!

On the urging of a colleague we set off on foot for the 3 block walk to Tsunami Sushi and Hibachi Grill, located on Central Avenue just north of 1st Avenue (or right next to the Starbucks if that’s how you get around).

Open for about 9 months, the space was previously occupied by Pino’s Primi Piatti for 7 years. (A little info for all the culinary historians out there.) After sitting vacant for a few years, the new owners remodeled, removing any reminder of the previous Italian influence, and went for a clean metropolitan Asian flair, with dark tables and clean lines, showcasing archways that separate the main dining room from the sushi bar and lounge.  With room for 150+ diners, Tsunami is one of the few Asain restaurants in the area that offers a full bar, instead of just beer, wine and saki.

When we saw the menu, I knew right away that I wanted to order something from the Bento Box selections, while Jill was leaning towards the hibachi entrees. That meant that even though lunch is typically a one course affair, Jill ordered an eel and cucumber handroll for an appetizer – because this is a sushi place, and that’s how we roll. Ba-dum-bump!

Having throughly enjoyed the eel hand roll, which tasted like it was caught that morning, Jill selected the Filet Mignon Hibachi Grill lunch special and I opted for a heretofore “never-had-it-before” Bento Box with Salmon Teriyaki as the star.

We enjoy sushi and sashimi on a regular basis, so we’re really glad we went for something different, as our meal was delicious. And healthy, each accompanied by a cup of miso soup and a crisp, cool green salad with ginger dressing. My Bento Box was also accompanied with green vegetables, two shumai dumplings, a California Roll, fresh pineapple and  steamed white rice. Whoa! One of these days, I’ll exercise a little restraint. Nah . . . just kidding.

Somewhat appropriate to the time of year, if inconvenient, the weather pulled a fast one and a monsoon-like rain came down just as we finished lunch.   “No worries,” I told Jill.  “I’ll run (make that sprint like heck) back the three blocks to the office and bring the car back for you!”  (If you’re watching, mom, I know you liked that!)  As usual I keep my sunscreen handy, but not my umbrella.  Got to remember that summer is rainy season in Sarasota, even when there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

Love it!


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    I been in japan before and I love the people there.

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