How Cool is THIS!!!

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I know we just blogged about Brick’s Smoked Meats a couple weeks ago, but we wanted to give you an update on a cool promotion.

Actually, there’s two!

Pay it Forward to a Service Member

First is Brick’s – On-Reserve For Those Who Serve.  In honor of America’s veterans and current service members, Brick’s Smoked Meats is offering a complimentary cold beer or Smoked Poblano Queso to any service person visiting their restaurant.  Additionally, (and this is the cool part,) for a $5 donation, you can become a “reservist” yourself!  Meaning you can make a donation to provide a choice of beer of Smoke Poblano Queso to a local veteran or service member.  Brick’s will keep track of all the generosity in the bar area, and those who have served can check with Brick’s for availability and redeem a beer or queso with a military ID or a photograph of yourself in uniform.  This was originally a promotion Brick’s was running for Memorial Day, but it’s proved so popular that it is being extended.  Hopefully for a long, long time!

Take Your Pick!

And for Father’s Day, Brick’s Smoked Meats is offering the same deal to any family bringing Dad in for lunch or dinner.  If you haven’t read about it on our blog before, the Smoked Poblano Queso is Mart’s favorite – made with Blanco cheese, tomatoes, and jalapenos and served with house-made corn chips dusted with a coarse grain salt.  (Those jalapenos on top are candied . . . think about that for a second!)

Barbeque is a great choice for Father’s Day, where Brick’s is serving Dad’s favorites including USDA Prime Brisket, Pulled Pork and St. Louis Ribs with one of their popular sides like State Street Corn, Pit-Smoked Beans, Lone Star Caviar and my favorite — the Kale Apple Side Salad.



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