Goichi Sushi Cafe

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“How do they taste? They taste like more.”  – H.L. Mencken (1880-1956)

Okay, while old Henry Louis didn’t have the pleasure of enjoying this local treasure, he nailed the essence of this Foodie Fave, where we’ve been known order more, and more and more!

In a sushi-rich town like Sarasota, Goichi’s (pronounced Go-EE-chees) is a breath of fresh air. This is an intimate, 17 seat(!) Japanese version of a neighborhood diner, but with a flair for personal service. How does a complimentary sake sound?  You can enjoy yours if you visit on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.  Or you can buy an entire bottle of your favorite sake and they’ll tag it for your exclusive consumption at the inevitable future visit.

Did I mention the size of this Sarasota pearl? 17 seats – or about the size of a “community table” at some restaurants.

Being so small, we usually drop by Goichi’s on week nights, when there’s less chance of a wait.   And we’ve learned to like the intimate setting, as you will almost certainly enjoy conversations with the friendly neighboring diners there, and meet new friends.

We’ve purchased their seriously delicious Sashimi Salad for our Christmas brunch for the last three years, and have never been disappointed. This large, mixed greens salad is loaded with avocado, tomato, fresh vegetables and large pieces of tuna, salmon, white tuna and masago sashimi.   Since we share this among a number of us on our holiday buffet, we cut the sashimi into smaller pieces so everyone gets some, but still find each piece of sashimi is a mouthful.  This fresh, crunchy salad is the first thing my kids ask for on our new tradition of serving a seafood themed Christmas brunch at our house.  I think it’s only right to serve food that won’t show up on their mom’s traditional holiday dinner table later in the day.    Is it my fault they eat until they can’t move?

On this visit to Goichi’s, it was the the “Sexy Man Roll” that was first on our order. (Jill’s idea – not mine. What can I say?  Innuendo after innuendo with that woman!) and we selected the tasty seaweed salad as an accompaniment to that delicious roll.  The Sexy Man Roll features fresh tuna, avocado, rice, and seaweed with tempura eel and a tamarind peanut sauce that we both really enjoy.  Top it with a variation of fish eggs, and . . . well, Jill is always happy with her “Sexy Man”.  (pun intended)

From Goichi’s Special Menu, we jumped for the chance to enjoy the Roasted Eel Sampler, which features 18 pieces of eel that any eel-addicted foodie like Jill and I couldn’t ignore.  Really. (nom, nom) Yummy (nom, nom) Delicious. Sarasota Sushi Lovers Unite! (Just not all at once, okay?)

Oh!  I have to add that if you can’t get to Goichi’s Bee Ridge restaurant location, why not check their offerings at Sarasota’s Downtown Farmer’s Market each an every Saturday – Goichi’s dad is usually on hand serving a variety of delicacies, including their tasty waffles with a red bean paste filling.  Yum!

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