Drunken Poet Cafe

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What took us so long to get out and eat at the Drunken Poet? Countless friends have done nothing but rave about this place. Now we know why.

On a recent evening, we arrived on the early side of dining prime-time, which suited us nicely.  We settled in and soaked in the urban chicness of the place – the music and decor felt like the big city. Don’t you like it when a place transports you by just walking in?

A couple of hot sake’s on the table, we settle in to the tough, but fabulous, menu choices.  Drunken Poet offers both Japanese and Thai food, and since I was in the mood for Thai, we decided to order sushi as a starter.  There were any number of tempting offerings on the menu, but we decided to order off the chalkboard, figuring their top sellers must be the best.  Glad to say we were right, because we absolutely feasted on the Queen Kong Roll, laden with tuna, salmon, BBQ eel, white tuna, cucumber and cream cheese.  Then, rolled in an ultra light tempura batter and flash fried, the roll had a crunchy exterior topped shredded fresh fish.  So good!

And while we loved our Queen Kong Roll, everything that passed by en route to other tables had our heads on a swivel, absolutely ooh-ing and aah-ing at the artistry of the presentations.  If you want to see some amazing food photography, check out their website.  Inspiring!

We learned long ago to listen to the recommendations of our server, and this is especially true at Drunken Poet.  He said their most acclaimed sushi roll was their Lobster Roll, which comes served in the lobster’s shell.  Being that we had already narrowed our choice down to the Queen Kong Roll (because it had BBQ eel on it) we decided against ordering more than one  appetizer.   Mistake?  Maybe.  When we saw the Lobster Roll being served to another table, we were overcome with envy and asked for a chance to photograph it so we could share it with you.  Out next visit may very well be made just to order this beautifully presented Lobster Roll!

If not going crazy over sushi, Jill is more than happy to indulge in Thai food, one of the more fresh and delicate flavor profiles from the far east.   Drunken Poet Cafe’s Salmon Panang was a great choice for her, since she could order her salmon almost rare (sushi grade), and then cut it up with the mixed vegetables and rice, dribbling all of them with the panang curry.  Kind of like sushi/Thai food combination and served with a sheet of edible rice paper floating behind the food, this meal was every bit as tasty as it was beautiful. What can I say? This is hit-it-out-of-the-park stuff.

Since we’re indulging in food with award worthy presentations, when I saw that the Seafood Homok was cooked in a steamed, freshly cut, young Thai coconut, I was as excited to see it as I was to taste it!

And it was certainly worthy of my anticipation. What an incredible medley of jumbo U10 scallops, shrimp, calamari and New Zealand mussels cooked in a red curry sauce with a side of rice and thinly sliced rolled radish. This dish even comes with lessons on how to properly eat it, as our server politely pointed out that it is best enjoyed by scraping the coconut meat to accompany each savory bite. Heaven!

Now, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Thailand several times many moons ago, and I will always remember a week long stretch during one of those visits, when a group of us ate out six nights in a row, with the food getting impossibly better and better each and every evening.  I remember practically swooning by the sixth night and wondering how this was possible.

Let’s call this the seventh night – and plan to come back soon!



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