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Oh, Daily Eats. How do we love thee? First, there’s the straightforward, simple marketing brilliance in the name itself.  Who doesn’t want to eat daily?

But while a great name and an attractive décor can get you in the door – Daily Eats nails everything it takes to keep you coming back on a regular – make that daily basis! And it does it for all three meal periods, meaning breakfast, lunch and dinner. As I’m writing this blog, I can’t think of any other restaurants that deliver on all three meals with the ease and panache that we found at Daily Eats.

You can dine indoors or on the patio at Daily Eats Sarasota.

You can dine indoors or on the patio at Daily Eats Sarasota.

First, there’s the cool, relaxed vibe and friendly staff that greet you the minute you walk in the door. Then there’s the menus (that’s correct . . .as in 3) offering a myriad of irresistible choices.  The first is the breakfast menu served until 11 a.m., after which the menu switches to more lunch and dinner options, while still offering some of DE’s favorite breakfast items all day. Oh, and there’s an outstanding brunch menu offered until 3:00 on weekends, after which they switch over to the lunch/dinner menu.

DE staff

Well “Hello!” to you too!

While perusing the choices I cannot imagine anyone sitting down, looking over the menu and deciding that there’s nothing that appeals to them. That’s crazy talk!

As guests of Daily Eats, we were thrilled to sample menu tastings from breakfast, lunch and dinner, and trust me when I say this . . . every morsel, every bite, every sip was spot on delicious.

Good Morning ... Honey!

Good Morning … Honey!

Our first taste was aptly named “Good Morning … Honey”, a dish that instantly earned a spot on my “Hall of Crave.” Fresh seasonal fruit cover super crunchy granola, which is then topped with creamy vanilla yogurt and finished with an irresistibly light whipped cream, candied pecans and a drizzle of honey. This, and a cup of coffee would start anyone’s day with a smile on their face. We shared the “small bowl,” but believe me when I tell you, it may be all one person would need for a more than satisfying breakfast.

Since I just mentioned the small bowl size, I’ll point out that most of the items on Daily Eats “bowl: menus can be ordered in a small or large bowl.  Some items some in a cup, so we took a photo to show you the difference in the sizes.  That large bowl is L-A-R-G-E., but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t order one.  There’s always to-go!

Many of Daily Eats portions come in large or small bowls, or even a cup. See menu for details.

Many of Daily Eats portions come in large or small bowls, or even a cup. See menu for details.

Next up was a sampling of a new menu item, the Benny The Green, and the Chef’s Famous Cap’n Crunch French Toast, which the kitchen was kind enough to split into two portions so both Jill and I could sample from our own plates.

The Benny The Green offered that elusive combination of healthy eating, while feeling that you’re eating something decadent. House made guacamole is slathered on toasted multi-grain bread, then topped with poached eggs, a perfect hollandaise, and garnished with diced green onions. Jill was definitely smitten with this, as she’s typically drawn to any “insert name here” Benedict when we see it on a breakfast menu.

Benny the Green (R) and Chef's Famous Cap'n Crunch French Toast

Benny the Green (R) and Chef’s Famous Cap’n Crunch French Toast

I can also understand why the Chef’s Famous Cap’n Crunch French Toast is such a crowd pleaser. This brioche bread coated with ground Cap’n Crunch cereal is prepared like a traditional French toast and dusted with powdered sugar. The net effect is a French toast so soft, sweet and flavorful you don’t need to add syrup to fully enjoy it.  There’s good reason you can order the Cap’n Crunch French Toast any time of the day!

Our next samplings moves out of the breakfast time zone, and was a serving of Fiesta Cheesy Mac, a Cali Shedders Bowl and a side of sweet potato fries . . . again split up on separate plates between Jill and I.

Delicious Eats' Cali Bowl, Fiesta Mac'nCheese and sweet potato fries

Delicious Eats’ Cali Bowl, Fiesta Mac’nCheese and sweet potato fries

The Fiesta Cheesy Mac, with its cheddar and jalapeno jack cheeses, corn, salsa, and topping of crispy tortilla strips was indeed worthy of the Fiesta moniker. This is a party in a bowl for sure! Creamy al dente macaroni mixes with the right hint of spice and creamy cheeses, with the salsa on the bottom of the bowl so you can stir in as little or as much heat as you wish.  Jill You might want to wow friends and family by ordering one of Daily Eats Mac-N-Cheese for your next picnic or pot luck, and tell everyone you made it yourself. Jill You should be able to take compliments for your good taste, right?

The Cali Bowl, meanwhile, hit all the right notes for me. There were so many flavors at work here that every bite was magic. The dish consisted of shredded natural chicken, shredded carrots, cucumber, and diced tomato in white balsamic vinaigrette, then topped with goat cheese and fresh guacamole. It was hard to put the fork down on this dish!

Then came the side of sweet potato fries seasoned with cinnamon salt(!) and drizzled with honey . . . As a self-avowed potatoholic, these scored A+ in my book.  They were crispy on the outside, hot and silky on the inside, and the honey added just that bump of sweetness that sweet potatoes are grown for.

The Daily Eats Burger

The Daily Eats Burger, shown with a side of Tots.

The Burger section of the menu covers an array of burgers that anyone would find enticing – Classic Daily Eats Burger, (shown above,) the Homemade Veggie Burger, a Patty Melt that can be ordered with black angus, turkey or a veggie burger, or how about a Bison Burger?  Here’s one that I invented when I was a kid . . .  the Potato Chip Crusted Turkey Burger!  (Actually, I just put plain potato chips on  a burger. Daily Eats puts a lot more effort, and a country remoulade dipping sauce, into their creation!)

Jill and I split the Daily Eats Black Angus Burger, cooked to a perfectly juicy medium, and topped with fresh lettuce, sliced tomato, red onion, pickle and served on a sesame bun, with a side of crisp ‘n’ golden Tater Tots,  There was even a side of DE Special Sauce on our plate, perfect for dipping the tots, or slathering on the burger.  We’ve already added Daily Eats’ burger to our list of great local burgers. Seriously, go try it for yourself!

Just when we thought it would be safe to assume that this fantastic repast was over, out came a couple of some of Daily Eats milkshakes, absolutely the best milkshakes we’ve had in ages. Okay, if I must…

DE shakes

Are U Peanuts and Stay Puff’d Milkshakes

Jill chose the “Stay Puff’d,” consisting of vanilla ice cream, toasted marshmallows, and hot fudge, while I opted for the “Are U Peanuts” shake with chocolate ice cream and peanut butter. We reluctantly exchanged sips of each others shakes before transferring them into to-go cups – even with our tummies full, these shakes were toooo good to be left behind!

Throughout the meal, I kept reading the menus, and kept seeing things that I missed at first read.

It’s a sure bet there will be plenty more days we eat at Daily Eats in the future!  I already can’t wait!









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  1. Cassie Palmer says:

    Hi Jill and Mart!

    It’s Cassie with Ciccio Restaurant Group. Looks like you enjoyed your visit to Daily Eats. Thanks so much for joining us and THANK YOU for the wonderful article! You both are welcome back any time.
    Please feel free to contact me or my team any time for any questions or inquiries.


  2. Janae says:

    Ohhhh, their milkshakes!!! To die for! And their Shredder Bowls are amazing! The atmosphere and menu will keep me coming back.

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