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Sometimes nothing that will please my taste buds like a big, juicy burger.  I can try and talk myself into a salad or chicken sandwich, but when my taste buds are screaming for a burger, there’s just no trying to satisfy them with anything less.

So, having a particularly demanding craving for a burger, Mart and I headed over to the new BurgerFi restaurant, located in the shopping center on the outskirt of the University Town Center Mall.  I told myself I’d be good and then the aroma of grilled burgers hit me.  I was done for . . . sorta! (More on that later!)

Did you know the average American eats three hamburgers a week?  That makes for over 50 billion burgers a year! Take out all the vegans and vegetarians, and there have to be some people eating burger twice that often!  So, I guess my tastebuds aren’t all that different from the rest of the country.  Get in line folks, the BurgerFi staff is waiting for you!


First off, let me tell you a bit about BurgerFi, and I think you’ll agree this is more than “a burger joint!”   Starting with the menu, BurgerFi is pretty much focused on one thing . . . burgers.  Throw in a few hot dog options, fresh cut fries, onion rings and frozen custards as sides, and you’d think “burger joint.”  But there’s a big difference – 100 % all-natural Angus beef with zero hormones, zero antibiotics.  They also offer wagyu beef burgers and those hot dogs I mentioned . . . Kobe beef. . . so those of us who prefer higher quality meats, we’re fans of how that quality translates into a delicious flavor.

The CEO Burger at BurgerFi

The CEO Burger at BurgerFi

Case in point . . . Mart ordered the CEO Burger, featuring two burgers composed of wagyu beef blended with brisket (!!) homemade candied bacon-tomato jam, (!!!) truffle aioli (!!!!) and aged Swiss cheese.  Not your ‘average’ burger, wouldn’t you agree?  To paraphrase Renee Zellweger, “you had me at homemade candied bacon-tomato jam!” Throw a little BurgerFi branding on the bun, and the CEO Burger looks like nothing you’ve seen before!

I was a bit conflicted between concern over calories and the lure of throwing dietary caution to the wind and just ordering whatever I crave.  So, perfect for folks like me,  I ordered a Conflicted Burger, a tasty burger that allowed me to watch my calories while enjoying that irreplaceable burger flavor.

The Conflicted Burger - Green Style with no bun!

The Conflicted Burger – Green Style with no bun!

The Conflicted Burger pairs an all natural Angus burger with a veggie burger, then tops it with American and white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and BurgerFi sauce.  Then, I really kicked the calorie count into place by going “Green Style,” replacing the bun with crisp iceberg lettuce.  The veggie burger combined quinoa with a veggie blend, rendering a juicy alternative to beef that also soaked up the flavor of the Angus burger sitting atop of it.  (You can order a veggie burger without being Conflicted . . . just saying!)

You don’t have to order one of the named burgers like we did.  There are numerous options for toppings, including grilled veggies like mushrooms and peppers, and a variety of cheeses that make all the difference in flavor.  Want to hit a high note with the flavor of your burger?  Try some Gouda, Blue Cheese or Brie cheese, and open your palate to something new and delicious.

Cry and Fry with Parmesan, Herb and Garlic Aioli topping

Cry and Fry with Parmesan, Herb and Garlic Aioli topping

For our side, we shared an order of BurgerFi’s Cry and Fry, a combo of their fresh cut French fries and 3 large, crispy onion rings.  And since that wasn’t enough of a caloric splurge, Mart ordered a Parmesan, herb, and garlic aioli topping, just for fun!  When our order arrived, the gentleman at the table next to us leaned over and said “Wait till you taste the onion rings . . . I’m coming back just for them!”  Well, that’s a ringing endorsement, don’t you think?  Sinfully delicious!

We had the pleasure of meeting BurgerFi’s store manager, Landyn, who totally impressed us with her Energizer Bunny effectiveness at keeping the staff busy and the dining room spotless.  It was Landyn who convinced us to try BurgerFi’s frozen “concrete” custard, even though it meant taking an order home with us.

The Red Velvet "Concrete" Custard

The Red Velvet “Concrete” Custard

With choices that included “Oh My Chocolate Chocolate Custard,” Peanut Butter, Brownies, Chocolate Chips + Sprinkles and Key Lime, it was Landyn’s suggestion of the Red Velvet Custard that got our vote.  I had a sip or two, allowing Mart to enjoy the glory of the creamy frozen custard, smiling to myself as he kept asking: “Why am I still drinking this when I’m so full already?”  Because it’s irresistible, silly!


In addition to the burgers, fries, and desserts, BurgerFi serves craft beer and wine — all of it served in a restaurant built with environmentally sustainable practices and even used recycled furniture.  That’s right!  BurgerFi’s chairs are made from recycled Coke bottles and the tables are made from compressed recycled wood.  And you can’t help but notice the huge fan in the dining room . . . it uses 66% less electricity while looking pretty dashing in the process.


So, while satisfying my incredibly demanding taste buds while keeping somewhat to my diet, I’m happy to report that Mart and I both enjoyed our meal at BurgerFi.  And if, like me, you’re wondering what the Fi in BurgerFi means, I’m taking a hint by the slogan on the door – “The Burgerfication of the Nation” seems like a pretty worthy goal to me!


Welcome to the neighborhood BurgerFi!  We’re still talking about your candied bacon-tomato jam!


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