Sun Garden Cafe

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It’s a picture-perfect Sarasota Father’s Day morning, and while eating out at any of the fantastic area restaurants is always special, breakfast on Siesta Key has always held a special place in my stomach, er, heart.

That means it’s time to re-visit the always charming Sun Garden Cafe, and dine al fresco under a canopy of bougainvilleas and colorful patio umbrellas.  Jill insists I give a little background story here.  I used to own The Broken Egg back in the 1990’s when it was still at this location, so I like to check back in now and again to see how the new guys have been doing since The Broken Egg moved to another location (or make that three locations.)  Needless to say, they’re going great!

The outside patio is so lovely a bowl of Lucky Charms would be good here, but when all the specialties of the house are  fresh and innovative breakfast and lunch items, it’s hard to understand why anyone would go for anything else.

I opt for the Flower Child omelet, ’cause I’m old enough to know what that means, and the lure of an egg white omelet with portobello mushroom, Sonoma goat cheese, sliced fresh tomatoes, herbs, and an over-the-top (literally and figuratively) house made guacamole. A side of multi-grain toast rounds out this breakfast feast.

Jill is trying to cut back on calories, so she was tickled to find 17 different potential ingredients on the available selection of the Kitchen Sink omelet.  She was able to pick 4 healthy ingredients from the list which allowed her to be in control of her diet while enjoying a delicious breakfast.  Just so you know . . . The bread in the photo was off my plate.  She skipped the bread, but didn’t want anyone to think Sun Garden was skimping!  Because they don’t!

We never saw the bottom of our coffee cups, thanks to the efficient and friendly staff, wearing a variety of cute ‘n’ clever Sun Garden takes on popular culture.

We both swoon over how the fresh flavors shine through – it’s the way breakfast is supposed to be here in paradise.

As a cool post-script while we finished up, our server poured the left over water from her tables into the lush flower pots that surround the dog-friendly patio. Awesome. They think of everything here!

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