Nancy’s Bar-B-Q

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Nancy’s Bar-B-Q hit the scene in 2011, but we heard the legend of Barbeque Goddess Nancy Krohngold long before then.

Imagine. . . a nice, Jewish girl from Sarasota reads an article about Carolina barbeque in the New York Times and decides to give it a try.  Wow!  It’s great, so she makes some for friends!  Sharing with friends leads to catering parties.  Catering parties leads to a street vending stand in a friend’s vacant lot downtown.  And suddenly, everyone is clamoring to be on Nancy’s email contact list so they’ll know which lot she’d be setting up shop that day, and the buzz for the best place to get barbeque in downtown Sarasota began.

I can’t help but wonder on those wet, rainy days while Nancy was selling barbeque pulled pork sandwiches, chips and sodas from a street stand if she ever imagined that she’d be the darling of the most highly anticipated restaurant opening in 2011?  I doubt it.  You see, Nancy was too busy moving her stand from lot to lot so she wouldn’t be shut down!  Yet somehow, Nancy made it. It doesn’t hurt to partner with the Caragiulo brothers, owners of Owen’s Fish Camp, Caragiulo’s Italian Restaurant and the newly opened Shore Restaurant on St. Armands.  What Nancy does with food, the Caragiulos do with restaurants – make them memorable!

Now before I say anything further about the food, I understand everyone has a favorite barbecue spot — usually someplace in Carolina, Memphis or your mom’s kitchen.  Everyone seems to have one place they believe “beats all others” and they are passionate about it.  But we’re talking the best in downtown Sarasota, and to that, there is no equal.  Nancy’s is IT!

Nancy’s is where I head when I’m in my most serious carnivore mood.  Sometimes the last thing I want is a meal featuring rich sauces, carbs or sweets.  Which leaves me with an intense desire for Nancy’s melt-in-yourmy-mouth pulled pork or barbeque chicken. On days like that, I don’t even bother with the bread and go straight for the Pulled Pork Platter — 7 oz. of seasoned pork served straight up on the tray.  No plate.  No bun.  Just saucy, sweet, wet and delicious barbeque from Nancy’s.  I could order this every time, and sometimes order the sides to go!

Mart always orders something different each visit.  He’s already a fan of the Chicken Debris sandwich, which is 6 oz of barbeque chicken tossed with blue cheese, bacon, scallions, BBQ sauce and salsa on a toasted sourdough roll.  But this time so he went with the Beef Brisket sandwich, with seasonal vegetables and Hunter’s stew.  That, and a big cup of iced tea or a Coke product, and he’s a happy camper.

We’ve been to Nancy’s any number of times and really love the laid back atmosphere.  The place is spotless and you can tell a decorator had some say in the design. . .there’s tractor seats on the wall and a water trough with beer on ice at the interior entry so you can cut your thirst even before you order.  The best part is you can order at the counter, pay for your meal, sit at a picnic table either inside or outside, and be out of there in less time than it takes to order at a drive through.  And with food like this, why would you?

Wherever you think the best barbeque is, you should consider giving Nancy’s Bar-B-Q a try.  Your taste buds will thank you!

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