White Picket Produce – Organics at your door!

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I am NOT a gardener.  I love gardens, especially those that produce fruits and vegetables, but honest to goodness. . . plants, seeds and seedlings cry out to the heavens, “Why me?!” when I choose plants intended for my own garden.

That being said, I do LOVE fresh, local produce, whether organically or hydroponically grown, or just something fresh I can pick up at the Saturday Downtown Farmer’s Market . . . I want my veggies in variety, and, if at all possible, local.

So how cool was it to read about White Picket Produce, a garden delivery service that brings fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables right to your door!  Sisters Sharyn Vross and Michelle Bennet came up with this brilliant plan when looking for a way the two sisters could work together, and share their love of organic, sustainable locally grown products from tomatoes to carrots, peppers, dill, potatoes . . . you name it!

Sharyn Vross of White Picket Produce

Sharyn Vross of White Picket Produce

Sharyn had recently moved back to Sarasota after enjoying the benefits of an organic produce delivery system in Charlotte, N.C., and couldn’t believe Sarasota, with all our health minded foodies and local farms, didn’t have one already.  Since they buy all their organic produce wholesale, it’s less expensive than buying at the grocery store, and fresher too!

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So why organic?  “Pesticides — who needs them,” Sharyn explained, who started eating organic to help combat the symptoms of fibromyalgia.  “All of our produce is USDA certified organic.   If we can’t get something locally, we go through a local distributor, Global Organics, so we can give customers a wider variety. ”

White Picket Produce service works like this:  Customers go to their website whitepicketproduce.com and set up an account, listing their preferences ahead of time.  Each week White Picket Produce publishes a menu of the fruits and vegetables that will be delivered that Wednesday, and customers can make substitutions if they don’t like a particular item.

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Unpacking a box from White Picket Produce can feel like Christmas!

The standard box runs for $35 (delivery included) and contains four or five fruits, and five or six vegetables.  The large box, which is suitable for a family or a couple who eat vegetarian, runs $55, with a few more of each item as well as number of additional treats.

Deliveries are made right to your door, (home or office) and you don’t even have to be there when they drop by!  Just tell them where you’d like it delivered, and it will be there when you get home.

Before inviting Sharyn as a guest on our weekly segment on WSRQ Radio, I had White Picket Produce deliver a standard box of fruits and veggies to my office.  Even though I had an idea what was in the box, it still feels a bit like Christmas opening it and seeing what is inside.

Sharyn Vross

Sharyn Vross visiting us on WSRQ Radio

And the color. . . Organic vegetables are often maligned as not being as “pretty” as their supermarket counterparts. Not so! Sharyn takes great care, and pride, in selecting the best of the best fruits and veggies for each box. After all, haven’t we all heard the expression that “we eat with our eyes first?”

As busy as we’ve been lately, we’re sold on having such a wonderful service available! There’s no doubt that more and more people will be too!



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