Vom Fass Whiskey Tasting

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Vom Fass, that delightful spirit, vinegar and oil shop on Main Street, is bringing in the big guns next week, introducing Sarasota to the founder of Premier Dublin-based Distillery, Jack Teeling.

So what makes Jack Teeling a big name in whiskey? Well, there’s over 60 awards and honors given to Dublin’s Teeling Whiskey Company, which he founded only three years ago.  Taking root in 2012, Teeling’s is the first new distillery in Dublin in 125 years(!!!!)   Teeling and his renowned distilling team have perfected numerous premier whiskeys, including small-batch single grain and single malts.  So it’s a big deal that our local Vom Fass is one of only three stores in the U.S. hosting special tastings and intimate visits with the famed whiskey producer and Dublin distillery founder.

Never been to Vom Fass?  Why not?

These candy stores for connoisseurs showcase the world’s finest oils, vinegars, wines and spirits, so everyone can find something delicious to enjoy while visiting the store.  Vom Fass concept encourages taste explorers to slow down and discover a world of flavor from their European style tasting room, as well as their showroom.  Vom Fass is big on offering a uniquely educational flavor experience for their customers, which makes their downtown store the ideal gathering place to discover flavors that turn ordinary dinner parties and home-cooked meals into exceptional ones.  Who doesn’t want to sound knowledgeable when choosing to pour one libation over another?

Reviving the Spirit of Dublin - Stephen Teeling, Sales and Marketing Director and Jack Teeling Managing Director of the Teeling Whiskey

Reviving the Spirit of Dublin – Stephen Teeling, Sales and Marketing Director and Jack Teeling Managing Director of the Teeling Whiskey

Whiskey Days at Vom Fass Sarasota begin on Wednesday, October 21st, with a free, informational whisky tasting from 4:00-7:30pm, which will include a colorful pipe bank and the Drake Irish Dancers performing.  Jack will lead a mini whiskey tasting during that time.

On Thursday, October 22nd, Jack Teeling with host a private whisky tasting for $60pp, with space limited to the first 25 lucky participants to call in and get a ticket.  The private tasting takes place between 5:00 – 8:00 pm, with Paul Duffy of Sarasota entertaining with Irish ballads, and Jack will explain the distilling and aging process of whiskey as well as the spirit’s rich, Irish history and flavor profiles. Guests will also enjoy appetizers made with Vom Fass signature products.

So, who’s up for a whiskey tasting and an education? (I always knew whiskey made me smarter!)  If you’re interested, you should probably reserve a spot right away – there’s got to be more than 25 Sarasota residents wanting one of those coveted tickets as much as you!




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