Meet your SarasotaFoodies®: Jill Berg and Mart Solu

If you’re looking for a restaurant review that gives “2 out of 5 stars” or offers harsh critiques, you won’t find either at®.  We aren’t restaurant critics and don’t want to be.  We are simply Realtors® with an appetite for Sarasota.® was born as a hospitality site for clients and friends who frequently ask for our dining recommendations, and anyone else with a passion for good food!  These are our personal experiences about restaurants we enjoy and recommend.  We will never post a negative blog about a restaurant because even the best restaurant in town can run out of a needed ingredient or be off the mark when the Chef is out sick or on vacation.  And even when the food is perfect, sometimes you may get a new server who doesn’t know the menu or is overwhelmed.  If that happens to us, (and it has) we avoid blogging about that restaurant altogether or elect to return another day.  We’ve got to believe every restaurant wants to make their guests happy, so why subject anyone to an online review based on one bad experience?  Can’t help it. . . we’re positive people, and isn’t there already enough negativity on the web?

That being said, it’s important to know that none of the restaurants profiled knew we were coming in advance, or even that we could be writing a blog about them.  No one paid for our meal or gave us discounts in exchange for a positive blog.   If we were given a free dessert or glass of wine or were hosted to a Media Dinner, as can sometimes happen to any of us, we’ll tell you!  Otherwise, we’ve paid for every drink, appetizer, entree and dessert you read about on  Just keeping it real when we say it’s worth a visit!  We also provide a link to the restaurant’s website so you can see their menu and check out their prices, as well as a link to Trip Advisor, Yelp or another alternative restaurant review website so you can read whether others agree with our recommendations.

As Realtors®, we are typically the first and sometimes the only people newcomers meet when they come to Sarasota.  We want every guest, tourist and new resident to have a positive experience while in Sarasota, and hope that by sharing our dining experiences with other Foodies, you will enjoy the same great experiences we have.  Sarasota is truly worth celebrating one meal at a time!



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