The Lobster Pot

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The GREATEST THING happened a few days back!  It rained cats and dogs, or maybe I should say buckets of cats and dogs, right as Mart and I were headed to dinner!

Now that wouldn’t sound like “the greatest thing” to most folks, but to us Foodies it’s like the key to the kingdom!  While most folks use caution and stay home in inclement weather, we always think “Which consistently busy restaurant, one where there is normally a crowd and a long wating line,  can we get into tonight without waiting?” And this night our thoughts, and fortunately the rainstorm, headed straight to The Lobster Pot on Ocean Blvd., smack dab in the heart of Siesta Key Village.  Hooray!

When tourist and snowbird season are upon us, Siesta Key Village is a great place for people watching while at SKOB, the Hub or one of a number of street-side restaurants/bars that offers cold drinks, music and tasty food.  But during those key times on the Key, The Lobster Pot is always in high demand, and there’s often a line out the door.

So color me happy and just try to wipe that smile off my face when we get to The Lobster Pot and there isn’t a line.  In fact, we were lucky enough to score a seat by the window where we could watch people trying to dodge the rain drops and puddles on Ocean Boulevard!  We must be special, right?  Wrong!  Timing is everything, and as soon as we were seated, one by one other tables were quickly filled with guests who also realized that good food waits for no man!  And good food was definitely on our minds tonight!

The Lobster Pot is a family owned business originally established in Cape Cod in 1940 by Ralph and Adeline Medeiros.  Their son Glen grew up in the restaurant business and eventually graduated from the Culinary Art Institute of America in New Haven, Connecticut, and -(fortunately for us)  he chose to take his wealth of knowledge in New England seafood, and bring it to the heart of Siesta Key.  This night we were happy to be served by the wife of one of Glen’s sons, so you know we were taken well cared for.

The Lobster Pot’s dining rooms are perfect for laid-back Siesta Key Village.  Folks in shorts, jeans and flip flops will feel right at home next to those who may care to dress up a bit for dinner.   Dating couples and families with kids are equally welcome in the casual atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home.  It’s that kind of place.  Quick to please, a warm basket of corn bread and butter hit the table moments after we place our orders, and we managed to clear the basket before our starter, the Fiery Scallops, had a chance to arrive.

The Fiery Scallops deserve a little extra attention here.  The menu describes them as flame-broiled scallops topped with blue crab (yum) and a spicy roasted red pepper cheese sauce.  So I “imagined” the scallops would be on a skewer or somehow visible on the plate.  But, as you can tell from the photo above, the scallops were absolutely smothered with this wonderfully delicious cheese sauce.  You can’t see that the scallops were served in a dish normally reserved for escargot, so imagine our thrill to find each of those little ‘cups’ within the ceramic dish held two or more scallops!  Wow!  This was a treat we will certainly order again!

Since we’re at The Lobster Pot, both Mart and I decide to stick to the lobster entrees.  When both of us were torn between the Baked Stuffed Lobster Duchess and the Lobster Newburg I opted to order the Newburg, leaving Mart to take on the Award Winning Duchess, an entree The Lobster Pot is famous for.  Now please know that I’m saying this in a nice way  . . .  Am I ever glad HE ordered the Lobster Duchess instead of me!  I can eat, mind you . . . but the Duchess is one of those full length Lobster extravaganzas where the server has to rearrange your entire table top in order to find room for the plate.!  Seriously!  This is a Fred Flintstone proportion!  Other diners positively stared at this beautiful and colorful presentation, and I don’t want that kind of attention when I’m eating!  If I had eaten the entire meal, I wouldn’t want anyone else to know it!  After all . . . I am a lady!

The Baked Stuffed Lobster Duchess, like all the lobster entrees, came with two sides, so Mart topped his meal off with the fresh cut french fries and house-made coleslaw.  He dug right in, stuffing himself with the stuffed filling, a combination of shallots, peppers and mushrooms sauteed with lobster meat in a brandy lobster cream sauce.  He hadn’t touched the lobster claws before he raised his hands in surrender and asked for a to-go box.  (That’s what you get for taking most of the corn bread and Fiery Scallops, my dear!)

I was relieved to see that the Lobster Newburg was no where near the proportion of the Duchess, since we’d planned to both eat at the same table!  Another beautiful presentation from the chef, my Lobster Newburg featured chunks of fresh lobster in a sherry cream sauce served over a light-as-air pastry shell that came straight out of the oven.  Served with two sides, I picked the crunchy coleslaw and fresh vegetables for my sides, and like Mart, barely finished my meal, so maybe, just maybe, my eyes were bigger than my stomach.  (I wish!)

When you live near an established restaurant like The Lobster Pot and see a line out the door time and time again, you have to know the place is worth the hype, and to most folks, certainly worth the wait.  So maybe you’ll take a chance and venture out in the rain when ‘saner minds’ decide to stay home.  It makes for the perfect time to settle in and take time to enjoy your meal in a place that may otherwise be quite busy.  And in our case, on a wet, rainy night,  I was totally drenched when we got back to our car, yet I still went home all warm and happy — if only from the inside out!





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