The Fall 2017 Menu at The Table Creekside

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You can pretty much count on us writing a blog on The Table Creekside at least twice a year.  Every spring and fall, The Table introduces a new menu, and you know we’ll be there, trying out the flavors of the season.

This fall, the Table’s menu features some new appetizers on their Global Bites section of the menu, as well as new salads, seafood, chicken, and steaks.

Tasting-size Lox & Bagel Appetizer

New to the Global Bites menu are two appetizers that were served to us in a savory waffle cone.  The first, a savory Lox & Bagel with mascarpone mousse and air lavash that drizzled its way to the bottom of the waffle cone, making the last bite as tasty as that first salmon filled bite.

San Sebastian Steak Tartar

The same delightful finishing bite happened with the San Sebastian Steak Tartar, which featured Snake River Farm dry-aged beef and a savory quail egg emulsion.  What a fun way to enjoy steak tartar as those little waffle cones were a crunchy enjoyment in themselves!

Crispy Clams on Crystal Tomato Bread

Chef Pedro Flores is one of my favorite chefs when it comes to plating a dish, and the Crispy Clam appetizer is a perfect example.  Served on the back of a ceramic dachshund,  the crisp clams were nestled against a bite of chorizo and hosted atop crystal tomato bread.  What a delicious pairing of flavors . . . Honestly, you don’t need to be a chowhound to love this dish. Wink! Wink!

Walk Through Ica Cocktail

The bar manager sent over a Walk About Ica cocktail, essentially a passion fruit pisco sour with passion fruit pearls served on the side.  This was not only a spirited cocktail, but a fun one as those little pearls burst with flavor when crushed against the tongue.  So clever!

Barcelona de Cuba

The Barcelona de Cuba was another beautiful presentation; three puffy pastry pillows sitting on a picture frame.  Featuring Serrano ham with a touch of chorizo piquillo spread atop a crunchy pastry filled with pimento mascarpone, each bite brought a tasty zing to the taste buds!

Jorge present the New World Carpaccio

Finishing up the new appetizers was another wonderful presentation, the New World Carpaccio, featuring Snake River Farm dry-aged beef, shishito chorizo vinaigrette served atop air fritters.  Each ball of carpaccio was bite-sized and served “Sputnik style,” bringing a smile to everyone at our table.

Napa Heirloom Tomatoes

From the Farm section of the menu came the Napa Heirloom Tomatoes, one of the most colorful dishes we sampled, and equally beautiful in flavor.  Napa heirloom tomatoes are paired with burrata, egg sous vide and a fig sangria sauce.  What can beat the flavors of top-quality fresh ingredients? Nothing!  I made sure to scoop a slice of each ingredient onto every forkful, then I dragged it through the fig sangria sauce like a dressing.  Totally yum!

On to the entrée section of the menu!

I’m always grateful to share a tasting with other foodies when the new menu comes out at The Table Creekside.  There’s seriously  no way I could sample all these dishes without a little lots of help.   Mom always taught me to share, and this was one night when family-style dining made tasting so many dishes possible.  There is just so much you’ll want to try from the new menu!

Having fun with the presentation of the King Arthur Cocktail

Prior to our first shared entrée, one of our servers came out with a fun “proclamation” and presentation of the King Arthur cocktail, made with hibiscus tea, honey, lager, cinnamon, cloves, and champagne.  If the cocktail is always this large, it must be shared!  Served in a huge, oversized goblet, we took turns sampling it, having to stand up and sip through a straw in order to do so!

King Arthur Stuffed Maine Lobster

Following up the King Arthur cocktail was the King Arthur Stuffed Maine Lobster filled with a stuffing of Alaskan King Crab with an English pea spinach puree.  I really appreciated how the lobster was dismantled for us.  For once I didn’t have to put on a bib and pull out a nutcracker to enjoy lobster!  While I appreciate the presentation, this dish was also melt in your mouth delightful!  The combination of AKC crab and lobster just rounded out our experience at The Table.  Get it . . . round table, King Arthur?  Maybe I’m losing my touch!

Florida Fisherman’s Wharf

If you question which culinary jewel from the sea you want to order, the Floridian Fisherman’s Wharf is the answer.  American red snapper, two lobster tails cooked sous vide, gulf scallop, chorizo reduction, and cauliflower risotto all work together to give you a sumptuous bite of everything wonderful from our Florida waters.

Wang’s Ramen Seafood Bouillabasisse

And finishing out the new seafood offerings of The Table Creekside’s new fall menu is the Asian inspired Wang’s Ramen Seafood Bouillabaisse.  Guests are presented with a bowl dressed with diver scallops, cold water lobster, shrimp and calamari topped with ramen noodles. Then your server pours a carafe of bouillabaisse over the dish, drenching all that seafood in a delicious tomato-based broth.  A few herbs and crunchy veggies top the dish, sure to please most any guest.

By now I can’t imagine trying another bite, but then our server brings out the Grilled Chicken Marrakesh.  I love the Mideastern flavor profile, so I had to try these flavorful broiled chicken thighs served with farro, roasted noodle stir-fry, and tajin sofrito.  Tajin is a blend of lime, chilies and sea salt that blend well with the finely chopped bell peppers, onions, garlic, oregano and other spices in the sofrito.  And since Chef used chicken thighs, the entire dish was juicy, robust and packed with flavors I adore.  Too bad I didn’t take a photo before diving in!

Snake River Farm Waygu Ribeye

The featured steak on the new fall menu is a Snake River Farm Wagyu Ribeye.  I’ll repeat . . . Wagyu Ribeye!  Score!  It’s every bit as awesome as it sounds: Wagyu, the highest quality beef, and ribeye, the best cut of steak.  How can you lose?  You hardly need a knife to enjoy this steak.  Served with broiled asparagus, onion straws, and Peruvian English cheddar mash, I’ll point out that “Yes!” the potatoes have a purple hue, with a scoop of cheddar in the center.  This is one of those OMG dishes I can’t wait to order again.

Meyer Farm New York Strip

Also on the menu is a Meyers Farm New York Strip, featuring dry-aged, organically fed beef with roasted Maldon creamers, wild mushroom confit, and cauliflower mash.  Good heavens,  I am seriously in culinary heaven.  Every time I go to a media tasting at The Table Creekside I can’t imagine Chef Pedro Flores and his team in the kitchen could possibly top the last tasting, and yet they always do!

Finishing up the night the kitchen sent out a few desserts, but frankly . . . I’m raising the white flag of surrender.  I could be talked into a bite of the new strawberry shortcake or the Gianduja Chocolate Sphere with RumChata anglaise.  .  . but I’m not going to admit it either way!  Let’s just say the dish didn’t look like this very long. . .

Strawberry Shortcake

I’ll wrap this up by saying what we always say about The Table Creekside.  If you haven’t been . . . go!  If you haven’t been lately, head on over.  There’s a whole lot of new going down!

**Note:  The Table Creekside is open for Thanksgiving again this year.  Head over to their website to make your reservation and check out their Thanksgiving menu.

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