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Isn’t it always a pleasure to go out to breakfast, whether you’re on vacation or not?

Your SarasotaFoodies are fond of the relaxing pace enjoyed during the first meal of the day, especially here in sunny Sarasota.  And there are plenty of good, wholesome places to enjoy, one the local mainstays is The Serving Spoon in the Hillview District.  Mart likes to think of the owners, Craig and Natasha as friends, and once you go,  you’ll realize everyone seems to feel the same way about this hardworking, and outgoing couple.

Serving Spoon (13) (Medium)

I’m one of those folks who tends to order the same breakfast most times I dine out.  I don’t make Eggs Benedict at home, so I’m usually drawn to it whenever  I see it on the menu.  At The Serving Spoon you’ll find the well loved breakfast standards, but also a few original takes that can turn my head.

This visit, I had a hankering for southern sausage gravy, but didn’t want the standard biscuits and gravy.  So, I went with one of The Serving Spoons skillet breakfasts, a combination of steaming country potatoes, mixed cheese, 2 eggs (in my case, scrambled) and an additional ingredient of your choice.  They offered topping combinations of bacon/onion,  ham/ mushroom,  sausage/onions/peppers/salsa,  spinach/mushroom/tomato,  or (tah dah!)  sausage gravy.  Perfect!

Skillet breakfast with scrambled eggs and sausage gravy

Skillet breakfast with scrambled eggs and sausage gravy

Now the picture here doesn’t do this breakfast justice.  The skillet was larger than I expected — so large I couldn’t finish it.  But, when you see the photo below, you’ll understand why, for only the first time ever,  I asked for a to-go box for my breakfast.  It was just that good!

Cheese!  Oh. My. Word!

Cheese! Oh. My. Word!

My skillet had just the right amount of hot, delicious sausage gravy, and so much cheese I could have been eating a pizza! .  This was really tasty and really, really good.

Mart decided to go with Craig’s “New” Favorite, an offering of 2 scrambled eggs with goat cheese and scallions.  Served with home fries, fruit and a whole wheat English muffin, he also felt he’d hit the jackpot with his breakfast choice. Hey, when four of the five food groups make it on to one plate, that’s a beautiful thing.

Craig's "New" Favorite breakfast

Craig’s “New” Favorite breakfast

There was just the right amount of goat cheese in his eggs, leaving a slight tang to your standard scrambled egg.  And you’ve got to love it when your side of fresh fruit includes blackberries, grapes, strawberries and pineapple instead of just melon.  Craig and his staff didn’t miss the chance to please with something as simple as the fresh fruit cup on the side.  And the potatoes?  Cooked just right!

You can sit in the dining room, at the counter or one of the nearby booths.  But I suggest you don’t dilly-dally leaving the house.  We got there just in time to be seated right away, while other guests patiently waited in line for a table.

Worth the wait!

We made sure to let those still waiting that Serving Spoon that their food was well worth the wait, but I’m guessing they knew that already!  Totally yum!


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  1. Kat says:

    Love the “Oh.My.Word.” reference. I just love you guys!! The morning of our home closing with you, Bill and I ate there. It was memorable and the owners so pleasant. Very homey!

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