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Whenever I’ve driven past Rosebud’s, located in Osprey on the east side of  Tamiami Trail, I’ve always wondered if their name originated from Orson Well’s Academy Award winning movie Citizen Kane.   You know . . . the movie that spends the majority of time trying to decipherer what Charles Foster Kane was referring to with his fatal last word: “Rosebud.”  I wondered if the restaurant’s décor harkened back to classic movies and the golden age of film.

Last week, curiosity got the better of me when my brother, Shawn, Mart and I dropped in for dinner.  Since we’re currently living on Casey Key during a home renovation, it was a short hop for us to get to Rosebud’s, but let me add that it’s worth the trip down from Sarasota.

Showcasing a newly designed interior, Rosebud’s decor has zero reference to the Citizen Kane film, and everything to do with steak.  There’s a fresh, appealing decor with nice lighting, friendly staff and artwork denoting where each cut of steak comes from, among other ‘steaky’ things.  I couldn’t help but notice that every server and bus person had their eyes not only on their own tables but also those around them.  I lost count how many different people stopped by to refill water, clear dishes, and see how we were enjoying ourselves.  Don’t you love being spoiled?

As our readers know by now, Mart NEVER turns down an order of Escargot, so I wasn’t surprised when he ordered them as an appetizer.  Very plump and garlicky, the escargot was supple and chewy, excellent with just a squeeze of lemon and a bite or two of Rosebud’s freshly baked bread dipped into the remaining garlic butter!

Escargot from Rosebud’s

Most entrees come with either a Caesar or house salad, both of which landed on our table. I was totally impressed with my Caesar Salad.  What I loved, in addition to how crisp the romaine was, and how well dressed the salad was, offering just the right amount of creamy Caesar dressing, was the pewter salad plate!  This chilled plate stayed cold throughout the time it took to enjoy my salad, and I love how Rosebud’s was stamped into the border.  Very cool!

Caesar side salad

Shawn’s craving for steak was satiated with Rosebud’s Bone-In Butcher Cut Ribeye.  18 oz. of Certified Angus Beef®, his steak was richly marbled with a perfect crunchy bark on the crust.  Topped with garlic butter and crispy fried onions and a side of au jus, this amazingly tender Ribeye had Shawn’s eyes rolling back in his head with pleasure.

Bone-In Ribeye with Crispy Onion Ring topping

Surprisingly, my potato loving brother chose to accompany his steak with a side of linguini marinara.  (I thought he’d go for the steak fries.)  The steak was so large he could barely finish it which meant his pasta was packed up for lunch the next day.  Win! Win!

A side order of pasta . . . actually big enough for a meal!

Knowing I’d get a bite or two of Shawn’s steak, I chose the Sea Bass “Crab Louie,” giving us both the flavors of surf and turf . . . should we decide to share (which we did!)  Rosebud’s presented a delightful take on Chilean Sea Bass, one of my favorite fish.  Flakey and succulent my fish was baked with a crispy crust and topped with a lemony cream sauce, lump crab, avocado, and sun-dried tomatoes.  What’s not to love?  I absolutely loved the sauce, as it complimented every bite on the plate, not a drop of it remained when my dish was finished.  Not. A. Single. Drop.  I’d chosen the potato croquettes as a side, which were a perfect companion to that delicious sauce.

Sea Bass “Crab Louie” with Potato Croquettes

Since we’d already covered land and sea, Mart chose to order Crispy Roast Duck, which came with a Grand Marnier plum sauce.  You could hear the crackling crunch of the skin when he cut into it, the aroma of the juices of the duck steaming up with each initial cut.  For his side, Mart ordered the vegetable of the day, which . . . lucky for him, was creamed corn, one of his favorites.

Crispy Duck

The menu at Rosebud’s pretty much covers every possible entrée you’d expect at an American steak house.  There’s Prime Rib, veal, lamb and pork chops, ribs, lobster, and a number of Chef Specialties like Mandarin Peanut Chicken, Jambalaya, and Shrimp & Scallops Risotto.  I know I’m going back to try the Orange Ginger Glazed Salmon, and hopefully save enough room to try their Mile High Carrot Cake.  (Trust me!  It certainly lives up to the name!)

Try and pick just one!

As we were walking out the door, Mart suggested I stick my head into the bar and check out the crowd there.  Yep!  Just as busy as the restaurant, with equally happy guests in every chair and barstool.

The busy bar scene at Rosebud’s

If you’re in south Sarasota, Osprey, Nokomis or Venice, and looking for a solid A-List restaurant, head on over to Rosebud’s.  With just one visit it’s pretty clear to me that you don’t have to know what Rosebud means, so long as you know how to get here!  (Citizen Kane reference intentional!)

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