Prime Serious Steak

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Steak is one of those entrées that almost every restaurant offers on their menu.  Some “non-steak” restaurants offer one or two pretty delicious cuts of steak on their menu, while at others it’s all about the steak and only steak, with chicken, pork or fish lucky to receive an honorable mention.  Name a top tier steakhouse and you can pretty much order any cut of beef because they’ll have it.
When Prime Serious Steak opened a short while ago at the Westfield Sarasota Square Mall (near the movie theater entrance, by Costco!) I hoped they’d be able to separate themselves from the pack.  And after a recent visit there, I’m happy to say: “They absolutely did!”

The bar at Prime Serious Steak Sarasota

Starting off, I must compliment the architect and designers who renovated the space they took over at the mall.  I can’t remember how many different restaurants were located there over the years, but trust me . . . I probably can’t remember because the interior design is a complete transformation of the space.

Wine? Did someone say wine?

Enter the front door and you’ll note two things that weren’t part of the previous restaurant.  The first is an impressive wall of vino bottles separating the bar area from the rest of the restaurant.  How appropriate is that?

A custom meat locker, visible to guests, let’s you know how fresh your steaks are at Prime Serious Steaks

The other notable difference is the window into the butcher’s space, where you’ll see various cuts of beef being aged, trimmed and prepped before they head for the kitchen.  A note in the window invites other restaurants to order cuts of steak from Prime.  Imagine that!
I went to Prime with my brother, Shawn, on our way home from visiting the folks.  He had “a hankering” for steak, and was thrilled that I recommended Prime Serious Steak.  He’d been there before and starting salivating over the popovers before we pulled into the parking lot.

And the magic starts!

So here’s where Prime creates a unique dining experience.  All their salads are made tableside.  All four versions of them.  There’s the classic Steakhouse salad or Caesar salad that are complimentary with every entrée, or you can order an entrée sized Grilled Steak & Bleu Salad, or a Grilled Chicken or Shrimp Caesar.

Fresh-Baked Popovers with whipped butter and cinnamon honey butter.

Shawn was jonesing for the never-ending fresh-baked popovers.  At first glance, this is a big piece of bread, but tear into it and you’ll find Prime’s popovers are as light as air and so delicious with either whipped butter or the cinnamon sugar butter served alongside it.

Pop Over for one of Prime Serious Steak’s Popovers!

I was also impressed when our server presented our steak knives on a magnified cutting board.  Seriously, I wasn’t the only person taking a photo of how the steak knives were presented at the table.  Class act!

Now that’s how to present a knife!

I selected the Filet & Crab Cake for my entrée, which was served Oscar style over a bed of grilled asparagus.  Along with that, I selected Prime’s signature side, the “Hasselback” baked potato that’s baked and then fried accordion-style.  Let me tell you, this delivered the most crunchy potato skin I’ve enjoyed ever.  Seriously.

Steak and Crabcake – Oscar Style with Hasselback Potato

And the steak, a 6 oz filet, had that perfect char on the exterior while being hot and juicy in the middle.  The crab cake was light and flaky, topped with a luscious, creamy bearnaise.  Little flecks of herbs and pepper in the bearnaise complimented both the crab and the steak.  No additional sauce needed, even though Prime has a private labeled steak sauce that you’ll probably see in grocery stores one day! (Fingers crossed!)

Porterhouse with Garlic Mashed Potato

Shawn couldn’t resist the Ribeye steak with a side of Prime’s Roasted Garlic & Parmesan Mashed Potatoes.  While I thought both were delicious (he offered me a taste of each) I was pretty dialed into my own entrée.  So, with two very happy customers, Prime Serious Steak was batting 1.000!
I couldn’t help but notice the other guests at Prime . . . pretty much all ages, some carrying shopping bags from inside the mall, others commenting that they were hoping to see a movie just after dinner and others, like us, relaxing in each other’s company and enjoying a great meal.

Yep. . . That’s a meat cleaver in the ceiling!

I also couldn’t help notice the large meat cleaver décor in the ceiling of the dining room.  I like “cleaver” touches like this.  There’s no mistaking that Prime is serious about steak.  From their name to their décor, the presentation of the steak knives and the meal itself.  That’s some Prime Serious Steak!

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