Phillippi Farmhouse Market

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It was waaay too long since I had stopped in on the Phillippi Farmhouse Market, held on Wednesdays from Fall until June each year.  Knowing how much Jill LOVES those Peachey’s Baking Company Amish donuts, I decided to make a quick in-and-out to buy one, even though she is watching her weight and asked to skip it this week.  I’m nice like that. . . I’ll never let her deprive herself!

The view of the Phillippi Creek Farmer’s Market from behind the live music booth!

The “quick in-and-out” thing didn’t happen. The weather was ideal, the vibe perfectly laid-back, and the astonishingly fabulous variety of locally produced comestibles (just showing off my vocabulary a bit!) had me drifting from booth to booth taking in the scene. Between the delicious food and local crafts I ended up strolling the Farmhouse Market for over an hour, leaving with multiple bags of tasty foods, including that super-sized donut Jill “said” she didn’t want!

Everyone, even your four-legged friends, enjoys the Farmhouse Market

If you’ve not been to the Phillippi Farmhouse Market, this is worth experiencing. Now in its 10th year, with 55 vendors, more parking than you can shake a giant donut at, and, in my opinion, the bonus of a lush grassy, spacious, pet-friendly layout, this Market is yet another reason we can keep bragging about our incredible town. Did I mention live music? Yeah, then there’s that. Deep breath, fresh air . . . aahhhh!

Local artisans showcase their crafts and food!

It is worth noting that the Market is overseen by volunteer staffers, and the proceeds from the vendors’ space rentals are donated to restoring the 101-year-old Phillippi Farmhouse, which has benefitted to the tune of about $132K to date.  Do you need any other reason to support this amazing market? Definitely a win-win-win-win (I could go on! I am powered by glazed donuts, don’t you know!)

It wouldn’t be a “Farmhouse Market” without the support of our local farms!

Since pictures are worth thousands of words, I will keep my words brief, and let you, our gentle readers feel what it’s like strolling around this little corner of heaven.

Can you say Paella?  Could you walk by without having some?  I couldn’t!

I seriously can’t believe I didn’t eat the entire bag of nuts I bought before I got home!

Sampling is encouraged at Sunshine Canning.

You can not only bring your dog but also pamper them at Phillippi Farmhouse Market!

Glenn Family Bakery is always worth a visit!  Their bread is irresistible!

From soup to nuts, from veggies to protein . . . Your menu is covered!

Healthy and delicious loaves of bread and olive oils abound!

Watch Out!

But Of Course!


I can’t wait for Jill to see that I didn’t forget her DOUBLE SIZED donut!

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