Patricks 1481

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One of the most beloved downtown establishments, known for their bigger than big burgers, friendly atmosphere and spacious bar, is Patricks.  Originally located on the corner of Main and Pineapple, Patricks made a historic move out of the Kress building to 1481 Main, a block or so across the street and just a few doors west of Lemon Avenue.  What a great move it turned out to be!

With a bright new decor and shaded outdoor seating, Patricks 1481 not only attracts their ever-faithful followers and downtown’s “power lunchers”, but the jazzed up atmosphere lures in diners from Saturday morning’s Farmer’s Market all the way to late night revelers.  Business appears to be better than ever!

When we decided to visit Patricks 1481 for lunch, we happily took a booth towards the back, so we could take in the colorful atmosphere and people watch.  When you choose a place as bustling at Patricks, you have to know that good service is more important during a one hour lunch break than any other time of the day.  You don’t want to feel rushed, but you need your server at the ready when you’ve narrowed down your choices.  No problem here — our order was in within the first 5 minutes.

When you dine out as much as Jill and I do, we try to cut back on the carbs now and again, which is a real challenge when you know how amazingly big, juicy and tasty Patricks’ burgers are.  So I was happy, or should I say relieved, to see Patrick 1481’s Bunless Burger Benedict on the menu.  This beauty features their classic Bleu burger topped with bacon and hollandaise sauce, served with a side Caesar salad, and no bun.  (I’ll ignore the calories from the hollandaise in this case.)  It was absolutely delicious and really answered my craving for a burger!  I didn’t miss the bun at all.

Jill has a real passion for the combination of chicken and goat cheese, so I made sure to point out that Patrick’s Piadina Flat Bread covered both bases.  Presented on a crunchy, charred thin crust, covered with mozzarella, grilled chicken, portobello mushrooms, fresh basil, roasted garlic and sun-dried tomato goat cheese, both of us dived in for a slice or two.  Large enough to be shared, we took a few slices back to the office to share with our coworkers.

Finishing lunch well within our one hour goal, we took a few moments to enjoy the colorful Sarasota themed artwork in the main dining room.  Nothing, other than the yummy food and great service, reminded me of the old Patricks, but it still felt like home.   We were happy to see an old favorite revived as a fresh new destination in downtown SRQ.   Saturday brunch anyone?


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