Pacific Rim

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“Do you think anyone would mind if I just lifted my dish up and licked it clean?” Mart asked in all earnestness.  “Or would that be rude?”

I’m thinking this is about the best way to introduce readers of SarasotaFoodies to one of the most popular sushi Thai fusion restaurants in town, Pacific Rim.

We arrive on a weeknight, after signing off our first radio interview on Sarasota Talk Radio WSRQ.  We were invited to appear on the Nilon Report, where “if it affects Sarasota, you’ll hear about it on the Nilon Report” with host Susan Nilon.  It was a lot of fun for the SarasotaFoodies to talk about our blog and all the great restaurants we’ve enjoyed in Sarasota, as well as the current real estate market and our work at Coldwell Banker.  But after an hour of talking about food, we couldn’t wait for dinner!

Normally you wouldn’t expect a waiting line on a weeknight at most restaurants, but this is Pacific Rim.  Folks from all over the nation keep it on their radar when dining in Sarasota.  Mart and I waited a short while at the bar before requesting a table in the outside dining area, with its Fellini style curtains, heat lamps (if needed) and fresh air.

Pacific Rim (11) (Medium)

I’m so glad we dined in the patio, as we were seated quickly and enjoyed the same great service as the inside dining room.

As usual, I’m all about the sushi, but Mart wants to go Thai — so we’re both in good form to dine at Pacific Rim.  Mart decides to start with a Chili Lime Beef Salad and was kind enough to share it with me, which was fortunate as it was a really nice sized portion.  Featuring thinly sliced mild yellow and green onions, red and green bell peppers, vine ripe tomatoes and cool cucumbers tossed with a spicy chili-lime dressing and laced with Thai herbs, this salad packed just a hint of heat

Thai Beef Salad

Chili Lime Beef Salad

Shortly after the salad arrived, I was served my two sushi selections, the Sweetheart Roll and the Super Unakyu Roll.

I chose the Unakyu roll for my “main” entree, because it featured crispy crab-stick, avocado, cream cheese and asparagus, and was topped with eel (my favorite fish on any sushi menu).  The Sweetheart roll sounded more like a dessert or fruit salad course, because it was loaded with avocado, mango, banana, and rice, topped with strawberries, coconut flakes and macadamia nuts.  What’s not to love about this sweetheart of a roll?  Enjoyed with some hot Saki, and I was as content as could be.

Sweetheart Roll (L) and Super Unakyu Roll (R)

Sweetheart Roll (L) and Super Unakyu Roll (R)

Which brings us to Mart wanting to lick the dish clean of his main entree, the Pad Coconut with Tofu.  Mart fell absolutely head over heels for the sauce of this dish.  The peppers and onions were cooked with just the right amount of crunch, and there were just a hint of hot pepper in the sauce.  Truly, he could not stop raving over the flavor, and I had to tell him, more than once, not to talk with his mouth full.

Pad Coconut Tofu from Pacific Rim

Pad Coconut Tofu from Pacific Rim

As we finished our meal we noticed there were still folks streaming into Pacific Rim.  Luckily it is a larger restaurant, with a bar and small dining room at the entrance, a larger dining room and sushi bar in the main dining room, and the cozy patio seating off of that.

Pacific Rim (21) (Medium)

Pacific Rim does take reservations, which I’d highly recommend for parties larger than four, and (as usual) we’ve provided their phone number with this blog if you want to set something up.  We’ve also provided their website, where you can find their menu, check prices and see even more delicious food photography.


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