Blasé Café & Martini Bar

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There is nothing blasé about Siesta Key’s Blasé Café and Martini Bar.  According to Miriam Webster Dictionary, blasé refers to being apathetic to pleasure or excitement as a result of excessive indulgence or enjoyment.  In other words, “world weary”.  I doubt you’ll ever feel that way at this delightful Siesta haunt.

Maybe a better word would be eclectic or quirky, which is my take on not only the look and feel of the Blasé Cafe, but also the menu which features starters and entrees with taste profiles around the globe; Italian, Japanese, French, American, Cuban . . . you name it.  But it’s the staff and the mix of customers that make Blasé Cafe a must-do when you’re on Siesta.  This place is fun!

Take the last time Mart and I dropped by.  He wanted to see his friend and Blasé owner, Cindy Breslin, while enjoying an adult beverage and a few appetizers at the bar.  Not finding her there, we bellied up to the bar where we were well taken care of by co-owner,  popular bartender, and bon vivant extraodinaire, Rami, grabbing the last two seats at the front bar before anyone else could get them.

“Try the banana martini,” a gentleman said at the bar, explaining that his group of buddies came down to Siesta after a day on the links.  “We’re going to try every single martini on the menu,” said another, “but we already like the banana the best . . . so far!”  Good thing there were four of them!

With that endorsement, could we order anything but a martini?  Mart took up the suggestion for the Banana Martini which featured banana rum, banana liquor and a splash of creme.   And — here’s where Blasé Cafe’s bar really shines. . . Rami drew a “John Lennonesq” face in chocolate syrup that floated on top!  Who does that?

Banana Martini and Ruby Red Martini

Banana Martini and Ruby Red Martini

I tried the Ruby Red Martini, which showcased Ruby Red vodka, Ruby Red schnapps, grapefruit juice and a splash of pomegranate.  Pucker up!  Both drinks were awesomely tasty.

Blase's Crab Cake Toweer Appetizer

Blase’s Crab Cake Tower Appetizer

Never one to ignore a great sounding appetizer, we ordered up one of Blase’s Crab Cake Towers.  The presentation certainly delivered on the name, with three jumbo lump crab cakes stacked atop each other with citrus zest and a private blend of seasonings, then topped with roasted red peppers with a remoulade sauce on the side.  This is one of those plates where other diners ask their server “what was THAT?” when it passes their table.  I’m pretty sure at least two other guests order the Crab Cake Tower after seeing ours.  De-Lish!

We followed that with a salad we just have to try at home!  Blasé’s Fire Grilled Caesar Salad.  This was an unexpected treat — a different way to present a salad that has become a classic for most of us.  The romaine heart is laced with extra virgin olive oil and lemon, then flash grilled over an open flame, so it is nice and charred.  Then it’s served with a creamy garlic Caesar dressing and garnished with crostini and a crunchy parmesan cheese crisp.

Blasé's Fire Grilled Caesar Salad

Blasé’s Fire Grilled Caesar Salad

Though we planned to stop by for a quick visit, we ended staying for a bit longer, as the cameraderie at the bar was both fun and insightful.  We learned that most of the regulars were either full time Siesta Key residents, or visitors who come by year after year.  That says something!

Next time we’ll be sure to do dinner and hang around for the live music.



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