Casey Key Fish House

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A cool thing happened the other day.  My baby brother, Shawn, who is twelve years younger than me, invited Mart and I out to eat at Casey Key Fish House.  Now this is cool for multiple reasons . . . First, it’s always a pleasure to hang out with siblings, but when your younger sibling is…read more

World Of Beer

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When Jill and I go out to eat, the script is pretty much the same; pick a fabulous appetizer or two to share, chose entrees that strike our fancy and then indulge in a shared dessert.  (That is . . . if we’re still hungry.)  Not complaining at all, mind you, as we’ve enjoyed countless unbelievable meals in Sarasota this…read more

Daily Eats

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Oh, Daily Eats. How do we love thee? First, there’s the straightforward, simple marketing brilliance in the name itself.  Who doesn’t want to eat daily? But while a great name and an attractive décor can get you in the door – Daily Eats nails everything it takes to keep you coming back on a regular – make that…read more

Yo! Sushi

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Sometimes a restaurant knocks me off my high horse, the one where I think I know more than I actually do.   A trip to Yo! Sushi is the perfect example. When I first saw the restaurant’s conveyor belt system of delivering sushi direct to the table, it reminded me of those ‘all you can eat” sushi joints where I…read more

1st Annual Food & Travel Festival

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As one might guess, your SarasotaFoodies love food festivals . . . especially those that support charities like All Faiths Food Bank’s “Campaign Against Summer Hunger.” Did you know there are local children who get most of their weekly nutrition through the local school system instead of at home? The “Campaign Against Summer Hunger” insures that…read more