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I walked away from a recent media lunch at Smashburger, hosted the day they opened in Sarasota, with three thoughts weighing heavy on my mind. First, who would have ever thought that smashing could make food taste so much better that you’d name your restaurant after it?  Obviously, I had some juicy details to learn. Rod…read more


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Sometimes our intuition leads us through the doors of our next great dining adventure. . . Call it a “sixth sense,” if you will. Our visit to Yuniku reminded us to listen to that intuition, because rarely have our other five senses been treated to what we were about to experience at this recently opened Asian Fusion…read more

Cevichela at Señor Siesta

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Chef Darwin Santa Maria and Tom Golen, chef/owner of Señor Siesta are on a mission.  Donning chef jackets like culinary superheroes, these two like-minded lovers of Latin fare have paired together to bring affordable Latin street food to the Siesta Key ‘hood.  Which means not just the homes, condos and businesses on Siesta Key, but…read more

Valentino Pizzeria Trattoria

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Mart and I ask ourselves how it’s even possible to still be amazed by how delicious the food is at Sarasota’s locally owned restaurants.  I can’t tell you how often our meals exceed expectations, as it did at Valentino Pizzeria & Trattoria, a family-friendly restaurant off Clark Road, just east of Sawyer. Take something as simple as a bowl…read more

Casey Key Fish House

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A cool thing happened the other day.  My baby brother, Shawn, who is twelve years younger than me, invited Mart and I out to eat at Casey Key Fish House.  Now this is cool for multiple reasons . . . First, it’s always a pleasure to hang out with siblings, but when your younger sibling is…read more