Thanksgiving at The Table Creekside

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I love my mom.  I really, really do.  She is so loving, so sweet and so caring that nothing, and I mean nothing, makes her happier than having the entire family together over the holidays for one of her classic Thanksgiving feasts.  She’s up, cooking for days, just to make us happy. So how am I…read more

World of Beer – Autumn Seasonal Menu

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One of the greatest things about living in the sub-tropics, is that when the majority of the country sees the leaves on trees turn color, and feeling the arrival of crisp, cold temperatures, we can still sit outside enjoying the great “Chamber of Commerce.” weather. About the only thing crisp and cold around here is…read more


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Sometimes nothing that will please my taste buds like a big, juicy burger.  I can try and talk myself into a salad or chicken sandwich, but when my taste buds are screaming for a burger, there’s just no trying to satisfy them with anything less. So, having a particularly demanding craving for a burger, Mart…read more

Newk’s Eatery

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Is it just me, or are more restaurants opening at a faster pace in Sarasota than ever before? It’s no secret that your SarasotaFoodies believe Sarasota is the mecca for foodies of all flavors, but even we are surprised how many regional and national chain restaurants have popped up in our market over the past…read more

Fresh Kitchen

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Most of us are familiar with the famous Shakespearean quote “What’s in a name,” where Juliet suggests to Romeo that names are nothing more than labels people assign to things to distinguish one from another. While Juliet’s logic recognized that names doesn’t create worth, I’d argue they can create expectations, especially when a restaurant is…read more

Mercato Ristorante + Bar

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That lovable beagle, Snoopy, starts all his novels out with the phrase “It was a dark and stormy night.”  And that’s pretty much how our recent visit to Mercado began, with your SarasotaFoodies dropping in for dinner as Hurricane Hermine rolled around in the Gulf of Mexico.  Seeing few people out on the streets, we…read more