Lunch at Libby’s Cafe and Bar

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Do you have a particular food that you dream about?  Something you crave (as in crrraaaaaavve!) whether you’re feeling stressed, lonely, bored or deliriously happy and want your mouth to celebrate with you?  For me the singular dish to invade my dreams and create inescapable cravings is always the Urbani White Truffle Parmesan French Fries at Libby’s Cafe and Bar on…read more

Andrea’s – The Art of Food and Wine

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We’re often asked what our favorite restaurants are, and we tend to answer with a list of favorites by type of food served.  There are just so many great restaurants in Sarasota it doesn’t seem fair to pick one. But I’m throwing caution to the wind here, and admitting that Andrea’s, located on Siesta Drive across from…read more

Isan Thai Restaurant

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Thailand is know as the “Land of Smiles”, something we saw in abundance at Isan Thai Restaurant.  “Why smiles?” my partner Jill asked, so rather than answer off the cuff, I took a little history lesson, (’cause I wondered as well).  And my answer?  Try: It was nice to learn that the “Land of Smiles” is…read more

Goodfellas Café & Winery

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That’s right – Goodfellas Café & Winery. Not Wine bar, or Wine Cellar, or Winehouse. A true winery, right here on Clark Road in Sarasota! Who woulda thunk it? This terrific new hot-spot has an interesting backstory, and a remarkable M.O. when it comes to the cuisine. In short, Goodfellas is a by-product of the…read more

The Lobster Pot

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The GREATEST THING happened a few days back!  It rained cats and dogs, or maybe I should say buckets of cats and dogs, right as Mart and I were headed to dinner! Now that wouldn’t sound like “the greatest thing” to most folks, but to us Foodies it’s like the key to the kingdom!  While most folks use caution and…read more

Goichi Sushi Cafe

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“How do they taste? They taste like more.”  – H.L. Mencken (1880-1956) Okay, while old Henry Louis didn’t have the pleasure of enjoying this local treasure, he nailed the essence of this Foodie Fave, where we’ve been known order more, and more and more! In a sushi-rich town like Sarasota, Goichi’s (pronounced Go-EE-chees) is a…read more