Simply Sarasota Tour of Homes

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Every so often one of Sarasota’s charity fundraisers is designed to thrill both the foodie in me and the Realtor in me, as will be the case at the 2016 Simply Sarasota Tour of Homes, a Junior League of Sarasota event taking place this Friday and Saturday, February 26th-27th. So here’s why I’m so thrilled — The Simply Sarasota Tour…read more

Cobb CinéBistro Features Movies With Taste

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The first time I ever went to a theater where your meal is delivered directly to your theater seat was more than a decade ago, and, to be honest,  I left disappointed.  I just wasn’t impressed by the overpriced “bar food,” the smell of stale beer in the theater, or the poorly designed lounge-style seating.  But what…read more

Poppo’s Taqueria

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It is rare, extremely rare, that the words healthy, delicious and affordable can be used together. Typically, it’s one of those “pick two out of three” situations . . . you know, if you want healthy and delicious it won’t be affordable. Or if you want affordable and delicious, it can’t be healthy. And how…read more

Tiramisu Ristorante & Pizzeria

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Quite often Jill and I will be asked “where the great restaurants are,” as though they’re bunched in one locale. While it’s always easy to point to St. Armand’s Circle or Main Street in Sarasota, there are plenty of reasons to travel upstream or downstream when panning for restaurant gold. Recently we decided to travel off the beaten…read more

Our Suggestions for New Years 2016!

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As 2015 comes to an end, your Sarasota Foodies look back at the past year, excited about all the new restaurants that popped up this year; (Baker & Wife, Stottelmyers Smoke House, Sol Meyer NY Deli,) as well as seeing some favorite chefs add a new location; (Amore by Andrea), expanded their menu; (new brunch at Louies…read more

Chefs Collaborative Presents “Meat Matters”

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Something magical happens when a group of people who would otherwise be considered “competitors,” get together for a common cause. That, in my humble opinion, is the essence of Chefs Collaborative. Chefs Collaborative brings together chefs from different restaurants, resorts, schools, hotels, and private homes to change menus in such a profound way that they…read more