Returning to The Table Creekside

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Just as the sun will come up tomorrow,  just as traffic is always heavier during tourist season, and just as rain will be in the forecast at some point, so, too, is it a “given” that your SarasotaFoodies will return to The Table Creekside time and time again.   Count on it. And why wouldn’t we?  Whether enjoying a craft…read more

Yuniku Endless Sushi & Hibachi

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I’ve often wondered how the phrase “this is the greatest thing since sliced bread” became the standard bearer for innovation. After all, it’s common knowledge that sushi and the hibachi are centuries older, and waaayy better than pieces of bleached and baked flour cut into slices. Are we all in agreement on that? Of course we are! It…read more

Happy Hour at Bonefish Grill

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Some people think of Happy Hour as a Friday night gig.  Not the folks at Bonefish Grill.  They have that Happy Hour vibe going 7 nights of the week, from 4:00 to 6:30, so you can drop by, have a few libations and some delicious small bites and still be home in time to catch the end of…read more


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Whenever I’ve driven past Rosebud’s, located in Osprey on the east side of  Tamiami Trail, I’ve always wondered if their name originated from Orson Well’s Academy Award winning movie Citizen Kane.   You know . . . the movie that spends the majority of time trying to decipherer what Charles Foster Kane was referring to with his fatal last…read more

The Grasshopper – El Chapulin

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Jill and I have driven by The Grasshopper on South Tamiami Trail waaaay more than a dozen times, and every single time Jill made mention that the Mexican cantina seemed to always be busy, but usually headed somewhere else, we kept driving by. It wasn’t until last week that our curiosity, and a serious urge for a south-of-the-border food…read more