Fandango Mediterranean Café

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Some people are culinary adventurists, while some folks are not. My parents fall into the latter category.  They tend to frequent the same restaurants over and over, knowing exactly what they’ll order before they sit down.  I suppose they’re playing it safe . . . never trying anything new but never being disappointed.  I am…read more

Brasa & Pisco

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After two straight months of hearing nothing but sensational things about Brasa & Pisco, the newest Peruvian rotisserie and craft drink destination, Jill and I joined a group of friends and fellow food writers/bloggers for dinner last week. And just like that, this hot spot has a new group of raving foodie fans! (Apparently, dining…read more

A Surprise Venue at Creekside Trader

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The Table Creekside and Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar are two favorites of your SarasotaFoodies.  With Chef Pedro Flores and his team of talented chefs at the helm of both restaurants, you can always count on a delicious meal, tasty appetizers and desserts, and cocktails that tempt you to try “just one more!” However the one thing both…read more

Opa! Opa! Authentic Greek Restaurant

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I woke up dreaming about dinner.  Actually, it was the amazing dinner Mart and I enjoyed last night at Opa! Opa! a wonderful family owned restaurant in Gulf Gate that just smacks you over the head with the mouthwatering flavors of authentic Greek food.  Would anyone notice if we went back again tonight? Maybe using…read more

Bangkok Authentic Thai Food

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My family have been fans of Bangkok Restaurant for over a decade, so I wasn’t surprised when my dad asked to celebrate a recent birthday there.  After all, where else can you enjoy deliciously authentic Asian dishes from five different regions? A visit to Bankok Restaurant is akin to a culinary tour of the far east. …read more