Ionie Raw Food Cafe

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In our quest to become more well-rounded in our foodie experiences,  (no . . . not in the literal sense,)  Jill and I decided to spend the last week exploring some of the vegetarian-vegan-raw food dining options here in beautiful Sarasota. In undertaking this quest for healthy and delicious eating, we chose to eat lunch at Ionie…read more

Beauty of Sprouts

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Let me say this up front.  I am not disciplined enough to become a vegan or a vegetarian.  I honestly wouldn’t last a week.  All it takes is one sniff of a hot, sizzling steak, and I’m done for!   To be fair, I can’t resist hot, buttered popcorn or fresh baked chocolate chips cookies . . . or bread just…read more

Trash Fish Dinner

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When it comes to the content on the SarasotaFoodies blog, Jill and I are reluctant to write about events after they’ve taken place, unless it’s an annual event our readers can enjoy in the future. After all, our mission is to promote Sarasota’s incredible restaurant scene, which includes no shortage of annual dinners, festivals and tastings. So…read more

Harry’s Sports Bar & Grille

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Ahhh, sports bars. My first love.  (Sorry, Jill!) As a self described sports junkie, there’s just something about going to a sports-centric mecca, and talking trash/comparing notes/commiserating with other like minded fans. (Per the origin of the word “fan” in this case, is probably “Short for fanatic, First Known Use: 1682″.) Every fanatical sports…read more

Mi Sitio Mercado y Restaurante Latino

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In a FIFA-fueled dining choice, Jill and I decided there was no better place to watch a World Cup soccer game than the tiny Colombian hot spot, Mi Sitio Mercado and Restaurante Latino. Our hopes of witnessing some fabulous futbol, whilst enjoying our very first local foray into truly authentic Colombian cuisine was quickly validated, as we grabbed the…read more

Giuseppe’s Ristorante

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With a premium location across from Sarasota’s popular Hollywood 20 on upper Main Street, it’s no surprise that some famous folks in the movie industry have dined at Giuseppe’s Ristorante. Previously known as The Super Nova Café, Giuseppe’s is, after all, the official Film Maker’s Lounge for the ginormously successful Sarasota Film Festival. Proprietor Giuseppe Prestia - yes, there is…read more