White Picket Produce – Organics at your door!

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I am NOT a gardener.  I love gardens, especially those that produce fruits and vegetables, but honest to goodness. . . plants, seeds and seedlings cry out to the heavens, “Why me?!” when I choose plants intended for my own garden. That being said, I do LOVE fresh, local produce, whether organically or hydroponically grown, or just something…read more

Louies Modern Takes on Summer 2015

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I woke up dreaming of peaches this morning.  That pretty much means it’s summer in Sarasota, that time of year when a fresh variety of seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs and local seafood give our Sarasota chefs the perfect opportunity to tweak their menus and showcase these amazing summery flavors. Sweet corn, peaches, spaghetti squash and seasonal fresh catch are but a…read more

Libby’s Café + Bar

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While our northern friends enjoy four seasons, with everyone having a personal favorite, we Foodies adore both of our two seasons here in Sarasota – Tourist Season (or just “Season,” as everyone calls it,) and “Off-Season,” aka summer . . . which is heralded by Savor Sarasota the first two weeks in June and lasts until late October. Up north, season is…read more