Family Friendly Dining in Sarasota

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Sarasota is known as a great place to retire, but it’s also a wonderful town to raise a family.  And never is that more apparent than the first week of school.  I don’t know about you, but I love seeing children begin their very first day at a new school, whether it’s their first day of kindergarten, middle school or high…read more

H2O Bistro

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I’m going to wager that a growing number of Sarasota’s restaurant scene fans have heard of H2O Bistro but can’t tell you where it is!  Which is pretty amazing, since the creations of H2O Bistro’s Chef Solomon Shenker has been creating quite the buzz this summer.  Way to create a sense of mystery, oh wise Solomon. . . Get people talking…read more

Chilling Out is Delicious in Sarasota!

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Every Thursday at 4:30pm, your Sarasota Foodies are guests on The Nilon Report; WSRQ Radio 1220 AM/106.9 FM.   During our segment we talk with host Sue Nilon and co-host Kirsten Sponseller about the foodie scene in Sarasota, covering subjects like where to find great barbeque, what’s happening at Sarasota’s top restaurants, or promoting a local event like…read more

Clásico Cafe & Bar

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Jill and I headed downtown to what is arguably the prime corner of any on Main Street . . . the intersection of Main and Palm Avenue.  Although we’ve been there many times, we decided we were long overdue to enjoy dinner for two at the casual-chic Clásico Cafe & Bar. Up until now we’ve always found Clásico a…read more

Veg – A Vegetarian & Seafood Eatery

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Furthering along our week-long quest to dine out at only vegetarian/vegan/raw food restaurants, we couldn’t miss one of Sarasota’s most popular: Veg – A Vegetarian and Seafood Eatery.  Wait. . .seafood?  That’s right in my wheelhouse! Veg has been around about four years, and is often the first vegetarian restaurant suggested whenever we asked for…read more

Ionie Raw Food Cafe

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In our quest to become more well-rounded in our foodie experiences,  (no . . . not in the literal sense,)  Jill and I decided to spend the last week exploring some of the vegetarian-vegan-raw food dining options here in beautiful Sarasota. In undertaking this quest for healthy and delicious eating, we chose to eat lunch at Ionie…read more