5th Annual Suncoast BBQ & Bluegrass Bash

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A few days ago one of our readers emailed us the following message after we blogged about the Sarasota Winefest: “Darn, I missed it!  Being new to Florida I’m still learning what’s what.  What would be nice of you guys, is to post before an event happens so we have a heads-up what’s coming and can…read more

Chutney’s Etc.

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In 1987 there weren’t a lot of exotic ethnic restaurants in Sarasota.  Maybe a few Tex-Mex restaurants, a few French and, of course, the “almost American” favorites – Italian and Chinese.  There have always been plenty of Italian and Chinese restaurants. but Indian and Middle Eastern cusine?  Not so much. That was until the husband and…read more

Station 400

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As Jill and I closed out a particularly hectic month, we decided that it was high time we stepped out of our busy office and treat ourselves to a delicious lunch. The only caveat I had was it had to be someplace “lunch-y.” You know . . . not a dinner destination that also happens…read more

Mattison’s Forty-One

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We have a confession to make.  One we hang our heads in shame over.  So embarrassing. . . Here goes . . . In trying to keep our readers happy, we often follow their suggestions for places they’d like to read about.  Sounds innocent enough, doesn’t it?  Not a bad idea, as it has us showcasing a lot…read more

Lolita Tartine

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Maybe it’s me, but every time our broker – who is pretty much our “boss” - invites us to lunch, my emotions herald back to being called to the principal’s office at school.  It didn’t matter if I was getting a commendation for perfect attendance or high grades; I just knew the principal had some ulterior motive to ask me in.  Pretty…read more