Andrea’s – The Art of Food and Wine

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On balance, Jill and I like most every style of cooking and ingredient you can imagine.  Call our palates “easy to please,” as we are often thrilled with the restaurants surrounding us on the Suncoast. However, being absolutely blown away by a Chef’s creations is quite a bit more infrequent. It was the allure of…read more

Drunken Poet

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If you’re looking for an exciting and affordable new lunch menu, you’ll want to check out the delicious Thai Street Food at Drunken Poet. One of the most popular Thai and sushi restaurants in town, Drunken Poet has attracted the young, hip set of Sarasota for years.  After recently undergoing a makeover of the restaurant’s interior,…read more


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The N.O.F. (North of Fruitville) district has been the site of numerous changes in recent months. Everywhere you look there are fantastic new restaurants, new condos, new apartments, new artsy boutiques – all within a stone’s throw of our amazing downtown. And while change is somehow frightful to some folks, we love seeing the modernization of an area that…read more


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I walked away from a recent media lunch at Smashburger, hosted the day they opened in Sarasota, with three thoughts weighing heavy on my mind. First, who would have ever thought that smashing could make food taste so much better that you’d name your restaurant after it?  Obviously, I had some juicy details to learn. Rod…read more


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Sometimes our intuition leads us through the doors of our next great dining adventure. . . Call it a “sixth sense,” if you will. Our visit to Yuniku reminded us to listen to that intuition, because rarely have our other five senses been treated to what we were about to experience at this recently opened Asian Fusion…read more