Flavors of India

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When Jill and I first noticed a name change late last year at what was once a terrific Indian restaurant 7 Hills Cuisine of India, our first thought was that it must be simply that – a name change. Turns out that Flavors of India, which opened in October of 2014, marks a new and…read more

Big Water Fish Market

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“In the hands of an able cook, fish can become an inexhaustible source of perpetual delight.” Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826) After our recent visit to Big Water Fish Market, we can vouch that J-A was spot-on in that observation, made a couple of centuries ago! Scott Dolan, owner of this absolute gem of a restaurant/seafood market, opened the doors in…read more

Bob’s Train

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Conventional wisdom holds that a successful restaurant have great food, a great location, superior service, appropriate price points, appealing ambiance, and so on. Using addition by subtraction, Bob’s Train restaurant cooks up a unique, probably the most unique restaurant vision in Sarasota. You know the most-interesting-guy-in-the-world who promotes Dos Equis beer? Phhtt. Let us introduce you to Bob…read more

La Dona Donuts

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“Oh. My. Word! They have La Dona Donuts!” Kat squealed, grabbing my arm and dragging me over to the sample table. “Aren’t these THE most beautiful donuts you’ve ever seen?  You have to feature them on SarasotaFoodies!” We were enjoying the Chocolate Sundae charity event benifitting United Cerebral Palsy Foundation, an event that takes place every spring and…read more

Mandeville Beer Garden

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Imagine a place where you can enjoy your pick of over 180 ice cold craft beers and superior bar food while playing a game of table tennis or bocce ball on the front lawn.  Now stop imagining, because that that place now exists! (Maybe some Kan Jam please?) Welcome to Mandeville Beer Garden, just north of 4th Street…read more