Amore Restaurant

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I recently had a conversation with a local restaurant veteran, who lamented that Sarasota has very few “fine dining” options. This led me to think that A) I suppose it depends on what one considers fine dining, and B) said restaurant veteran hasn’t been to Amore Restaurant lately. It’s easy to get excited when a new restaurant opens…read more

The Junior League’s Simply Sarasota® Cookbook – Your Foodies’ Favorite!

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Back in 2005/2006 a group of extremely talented and enthusiastic women at the Junior League of Sarasota got together to create a cookbook showcasing the creatively casual cuisine Sarasota is known for.  They culled their own recipe files and sought out some of the favorite recipes of Sarasota’s best-known restaurants, including Michaels on East, Mattison’s, First…read more


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Every so often we run across a chef with a personality so big they should never be hidden away in the kitchen.  That’s the perfect description of Angelo DiFiore of Angelo’s . . . a new Italian restaurant on South Tamiami Trail that, in only a few month’s time, is busy every night and already looking to expand…read more

Thanksgiving at The Table Creekside

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I love my mom.  I really, really do.  She is so loving, so sweet and so caring that nothing, and I mean nothing, makes her happier than having the entire family together over the holidays for one of her classic Thanksgiving feasts.  She’s up, cooking for days, just to make us happy. So how am I…read more

World of Beer – Autumn Seasonal Menu

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One of the greatest things about living in the sub-tropics, is that when the majority of the country sees the leaves on trees turn color, and feeling the arrival of crisp, cold temperatures, we can still sit outside enjoying the great “Chamber of Commerce.” weather. About the only thing crisp and cold around here is…read more